‘I’m not Q’: Arizona congressional candidate Ron Watkins denies starting satanic cult conspiracy theory
@az_rww on Twitter.

Republican congressional hopeful Ron Watkins denied being "Q" from the QAnon conspiracy theory during a Friday interview with the Arizona Republic.

"I have never written a Q post. I'm not Q," Watkins claimed. "I don't have any idea about who Q is."

Although Watkins denied having "any idea" about who Q may be, the newspaper reported, "Watkins said he has his own theory about who Q might be. But said he has no proof and would not share his theory."

Watkins, who has never held public office, also discussed the legislation he would introduce as a member of the House of Representatives.

"Watkins spoke about at least one of his legislative priorities. He said he was drafting a bill that, if it were enacted, would have ensured more coverage of stories about a supposed stolen laptop belonging to President Joe Biden's son, Hunter," the newspaper reported. "The bill would ensure, Watkins said, that the government does not get involved in censoring online content."