QAnon Shaman’s lawyer blames literally everyone else for Jan. 6

Jacob Chansley, known as the QAnon Shaman, is employing a different tactic in his defense. Chansley was recently sent to a federal prison in Colorado for a psychological evaluation. While there haven't been any reports about the findings of that, his lawyer has a new argument presented in his defense.

According to court documents, Chansley isn't responsible for his actions on Jan. 6, the whole country is.

"For better or for worse, the images of the Defendant on Jan. 6 have collectively become the de facto service mark for Jan. 6, akin to the Nike Swoosh ... inextricably and in perpetuity linked to an event which will become known not as a day of infamy, but as a day on which our nation was compelled to commence bellying up to the bar to acknowledge each of our roles in permitting, fostering, tolerating, endorsing or ignoring without action an ever increasing barrage of divisiveness, intolerance, untruths, misrepresentations, and mischaracterizations through an unrelenting multi-year propaganda odyssey," said the lawyer.

He's essentially arguing that because of "alternative facts" Chansley was at the Jan. 6 attacks. Because of the divisiveness in the United States, he went to the Capitol dressed in war paint and a Viking-looking helmet of sorts.

See a screen capture of the statement below: