QAnon fans have created a bizarre new conspiracy theory about the stuck Suez Canal boat

Many QAnon believers are disappointed that the massive Ever Given container ship has now been refloated after getting stuck in the Suez Canal because they believed the ship may have been used to transport Hillary Clinton's sex slaves.

In the latest "Fever Dreams" podcast, Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer said that Q conspiracy theorists he follows latched onto the fact that the Ever Given is operated by the Evergreen Marine Corporation -- and that the Secret Service codename for Hillary Clinton is apparently also "Evergreen."

"So they were like, 'Maybe the boat was trafficking something on behalf of Hillary Clinton, maybe the captain ran it aground as a signal,'" Sommer explained to co-host Asawin Suebsaeng. "There's always grist in the mill that these people can draw on."

Sommer said that some Q fans even pitched ideas for "saving" the boat because they believed it was filled with children whom Clinton had kidnapped to be used as sex slaves.

However, once the boat got freed, these same Q believers quickly moved on to new conspiracy theories and lost whatever interest they had in freeing the former first lady's purported slaves.

"So much of conspiracy theories is believing that there isn't this random world where, I don't know, a boat got trapped, but it's all part of this grand plan," Sommer said.

Listen to the whole podcast below.