QAnon world believes Travis Scott accident was a Satanic sacrifice aimed at 'snatching people's souls'
QAnon conspiracy theorists attend a Trump rally (Screen cap).

On Monday, VICE reported that QAnon believers are already making up conspiracy theories about the tragic accident at the Travis Scott Astroworld Festival concert in Houston, Texas — and claiming the deaths were not only deliberate but a ritual sacrifice to the devil.

"It appears to be another incredibly sad instance of people being trampled and suffocated to death at a concert, but in the world we now live in, every mass-death event is proof of a grand conspiracy or something greater. So it's depressingly unsurprising that a plethora of content has been created pushing the conspiracy that a popular rapper conducted a large-scale ritualistic sacrifice to Satan in plain sight took place this weekend," reported Mack Lamoureaux. "The conspiracies offer a variety of 'proofs,' like the T-shirt Scott was wearing, the imagery surrounding the event, and, of course, doctored and misrepresentations of videos from the concert."

The theory also posits superstitious numerology, including that "Astroworld was exactly 666 months + 6 days after the founding of the Church of Satan."

The article also quoted videos that QAnon believers posted on social media analyzing the tragedy.

"We're all suffocating, dying, and on the screen, it says 'see you on the other side' along with all the Illuminati symbols and the praying hand sucking our energy from us," said one prominent conspiracy theorist on TikTok. "I'm 100 percent convinced that this was literally an energy harvest, that this was a satanic ritual. Travis Scott was snatching people's souls."

John Sabal, a QAnon influencer who organized a major gathering for the conspiracy theory in Las Vegas, wrote, "These people are SO UNBELIEVABLY SICK, AND EVIL. They do things like this to mock us, because they think we don't know any better…Also, they are laughing at our stupidity, and naivety. There is NO such thing as 'coincidence'. Ever. This Satanic ritual was WELL planned out in advance, and presented to be IN YOUR FACE WICKED."

The QAnon theory posits that America is being controlled by Satanic child-trafficking cannibals, and that former President Donald Trump — and in some tellings, a still-alive John F. Kennedy Jr. — are working in secret to stop it. The theory borrows from centuries of anti-Semitic tropes, and the FBI has identified it as a source of domestic terror radicalization.

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