Fans at CPAC deny Trump supporters were involved in Jan. 6 attack: 'The FBI is a little iffy right now'
Photo: screen capture

Speaking to CNN outside of CPAC, a group of supporters for President Donald Trump disputed his fans' role during the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Donie O'Sullivan interviewed one woman who said that she believed that Trump won the 2020 election, but she wanted him to move on from his claims about it because she thought it would turn people off of supporting him.

"Maybe tell people how he feels about the election," said one woman in a MAGA hat. "Not so much to focus on it was stolen but it was sad some of the things that happen and we need to move forward as a country."

She explained: "I don't want him to focus on that because people will tune him out."

Another woman with a "We heart Trump" sign said that 80 million Americans supported the former president. In fact, only 74.2 million Americans supported Trump while 81.2 voted for President Joe Biden. Republicans have only been able to win the popular vote once in 20 years.

"Do you think it's important for Trump today to come out and condemn the January 6th insurrection?" asked O'Sullivan.

"I'm not convinced that was -- was, um, started by -- you see how peaceful we are," she explained. "I'm not convinced yet because there's been no actual investigation done yet. It was assumed that it was us..."

"But all the Trump supporters that have been arrested by the FBI and indicted," said O'Sullivan.

"The FBI's a little iffy right now, do you not agree the FBI has had their problems?" she asked.

"Is there any -- you don't trust the election officials?" the reporter asked.

"Nope," she said.

"You don't trust the FBI?" he also asked.


"You don't trust the courts?"


"Who do you trust?"

"Trump and his supporters," she said. "And anybody that has -- that when I listen to them talk they don't turn my stomach with the disingenuousness."

See the video below:

'The FBI is a little iffy right now'