Hey Senators! The QAnon Shaman is still ready to testify

QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley lost no time in jumping on the news that the Senate was thinking about calling witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial.

Even as the Senate was still pondering the witness question, Chansley's colorful St. Louis attorney Albert S. Watkins fired off a news release on his behalf. The simple message: The Shaman is still raring to be heard.

"In light of the Senate vote to allow witnesses to be called in the trial of Donald Trump, high profile lawyer Albert S. Watkins has re-affirmed the availability and willingness of his client, Jacob Chansley, to testify," read the release.

"Mr. Chansley was one of the tens of thousands of Americans who, but for the words and actions of the former president, would not have walked down Pennsylvania Avenue and into the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021," said Watkins. "Mr. Chanlsey is speaks well, remains willing to testify and presents with punctilious and unimpeachable integrity," added Watkins.

"Mr. Chansley is soft spoken…a gentle man…who seeks to do right by his country. He has confirmed that he came to D.C. on January 6, 2021 at the request of then President Trump; that he would not have gone to the Capitol Building if he had not been requested to do so by the President; that he would not have gone into the Capitol Building if he did not think it was being done at the invitation of then President Trump; that he believed Trump was going with him (and others); that he regrets now and is deeply sorry now for ever having set foot in the Capitol Building; and that if former President Trump had instead asked him to walk to the Washington Monument and pray instead going to the Capitol Building, he would have been praying at the Washington Monument," added Watkins.

"Chansley previously requested then President Trump pardon him and other peaceful individuals who did what the president said to help save the country.

"When the pardon was not forthcoming, Chansley expressed his deep disappointment in former President Trump's pardon of his cronies and Lil Wayne while turning his back on those who heeded the call of the then President Trump for help in saving the country. Subsequently, Chansley issued a public apology to the American people, stressing his non-violence on January 6, 2021 and his deep regret at having caused fear in the hearts of many of his fellow countrymen.

"An honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Armed forces, and despite his deep disappointment in Trump, Chansley remains supportive of many of the policies implemented by Trump during his term in office, rendering Chansley's potential prospective testimony uniquely credible."

It's unclear whether the Senate will even call witnesses. And it's fair to say that neither side is expected to Chansley's prison cell for testimony. But no one can deny this much: If the Shaman gets to testify, the trial's TV ratings are going through the roof.