Maddow warns of the legal trick GOP may use to ban abortion nationwide
White House photo by Shealah Craighead.

The host of "The Rachel Maddow Show" on MSNBC warned her audience how Republicans may try to use a second Supreme Court decision to ban abortion nationwide.

"We have to get real about who did this and how they did it, because this is part of a political project," she said. "This is a 40-years in the making project. For a big, well staffed, well funded, very radical project of the American political right and the Republican Party. And I say it's very radical, on purpose. I mean that both in terms of its aims, we're seeing that today. But also in terms of its tactics."

"It's impolite to say this, I know, but the anti-abortion wing of the conservative movement and Republican Party has long had an armed wing, a terrorist wing, that has killed a lot of Americans in the past few decades and set off a lot of bombs, for terroristic purposes," she said.

Maddow explained how today's decision may give the far-right an opening for a federal abortion ban.

"That said, if we are being real about this, that question might be moot by the time we have a Republican president, because there is nothing in the reasoning of today's opinion from the six justices that would stop them from accepting something like a fetal personhood case," she said. "Fetal personhood, a concept that the right has been building in this political movement, that they've built around the abortion issue -- a fetal personhood case, into this court, would give the court a path to not just let individual states ban abortion, which is what they did today. If they took a fetal personhood case, that could be their vehicle to impose a nationwide ban on abortion, on the order of the United States Supreme Court."

"And yes, that would be a radical thing for the supreme court to do, but would it be that much more radical than what they have done today? I mean, they've kind of broken the seal here, haven't they? Roe was a 50-year-old precedent that had been reaffirmed by the Supreme Court, by itself, multiple times," she noted. "That did not matter to them at all today."