Trump is ‘exposing his weakness to the world’ by announcing fear of hecklers throwing tomatoes: Maddow

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow found a great deal to mock after a transcript was released showing a deposition of Donald Trump last fall.

"I'm going to jump right in here tonight," Maddow began. "I do not think there is any way to ease into this. I don't think there is any setup I can give you that would make this any more normal. No context I can provide you that would make this less weird. It is what it is and it stands on its own terms."

In the section of transcript she read, Trump detailed his fear of being killed by a tomato thrown by a heckler. Or, as The Washington Post put it, the "potentially lethal effects of projectile produce."

Maddow offered her analysis.

"With the release of this deposition in this past day, we now know a whole new thing we didn't know before about former President Trump, which is that he is apparently desperately afraid of a flying tomato," she said.

"I don't know. If I were a man in his position, I am not sure I would let the world know I had that kind of a phobia — just seems like you're it exposing your weakness to the world, right?" she continued. "But his fear of a flying tomato is apparently so all-consuming that when confronted verbally with a discussion about the possibility of somebody throwing a tomato, he immediately extrapolates that from the tomato to the threat of a flying banana and then to the threat of a flying pineapple."


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