Restaurant owner says printing N-word on Black customer's receipt was meant as a 'joke'
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A restaurant owner in Pennsylvania told a Black customer that he was just making a joke when he printed the N-word on her receipt.

Local news station WTAJ reported that a customer, who is being identified only as a woman named "Kassie," went to pick up an order recently at the Aviation Inn in Duncansville, and was immediately disturbed when the restaurant went silent upon her entrance.

Kassie then picked up her order and found a receipt that described her as "n---er chik."

She later called the restaurant to complain to a manager about her treatment, and owner Allen Butterbaugh told her that one of his employees had written the description as a "joke" that was not supposed to be shared with her.

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Even though Butterbaugh says that he told the employee not to write down the N-word, he did so anyway and justified it by saying that he has people of color who are his friends.

She proceeded to share the story on Facebook, after which her post spread and quickly drew negative attention to the Aviation Inn.

“We’ve gotten backlash, we’ve been getting calls and phone threats. So many messages via Facebook coming out. Borderline harassment,” Allen Butterbaugh told WTAJ, who added that he thought it was "terrible" that one of his employees, who has since been fired, thought that writing the N-word on a receipt was funny.