Racist man pepper sprays Asian gas station owner after telling him to 'go to China'

A man was caught on camera recently going off on a racist tirade against an Asian gas station owner, who was hospitalized after the man hit him with pepper spray.

Local news station ABC News 7 reports that a gas station owner in Oakland was subjected to a racist tirade last week by a customer who tried to pay for gas by dropping piles of quarters onto the cashier's counter.

"My staff, she's like, 'well, wait, hold on there," explained the gas station owner, who wished only to be identified by his first name, Cwell. "You kind of have to take this to the bank because I can't fit this all in the till."

When Cwell tried to talk to the man and explain his staff's objections to dropping piles of quarters in front of them, the man went off on a racist rant.

"Go to China!" the man can be heard yelling at Cwell in the video. "F*ck you man! You have a small d*ck!"

The man then pulled out pepper spray and assaulted Cwell.

"The guy had pulled out his pepper spray and he had shot my face, arms," he said. "I ended up going to the ER to get taken care of."

Watch ABC News 7's report below.