Black assistant principal suffers stress-induced seizures after racist incident at California school
Screen cap / ABC 10

A Black assistant principal this week was hospitalized after suffering from stress-induced seizures due to a racist incident at her school.

ABC 10 reports that Dr. Elysse Versher of the West Campus High School in Sacramento was shocked when she saw someone had spray-painted the N-word five times near her parking space.

"I screamed. I just couldn't believe it," she said.

The racist graffiti came after she had been targeted with racist harassment on social media, purportedly over her efforts to enforce the school's dress code.

On Wednesday, Versher was taken to the Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center after she suffered from stress-induced seizures because of the incidents, a condition she says she's never experienced before.

She said that she had been reluctant to discuss racial harassment in the past because she was worried about how people in the community might act.

"We're afraid that people will say you're playing the race card, and so we don't say anything," Versher told ABC 10. "And I feel like being quiet has just given consent to this hate crime to just keep happening."

Sacramento Police Department and Sacramento City Unified School District have both opened investigations into the racist indicents.

Watch ABC 10's report below:

West Campus High School racist incident being investigated | November 11, 2021