Slur-spewing man allegedly pulls a knife during parking dispute -- then has his collection of guns confiscated

A Connecticut man has been charged with a hate crime after he allegedly hurled racial slurs at a masonry worker, Eyewitness News 7 reports.

The incident took place over the weekend and began when Fairfield Police got a complaint about a man acting in a threatening manner and using racial slurs during an argument over the worker's truck, which was allegedly blocking a section of sidewalk during construction.

According to police, Joseph R. Soracco, 61, was carrying knife while he lobbed racial slurs at the worker.

When officers arrested Soracco, they found multiple knives and a handgun that he had a permit for. The gun and knives in Soracco's possession were confiscated.

After investigating further, police learned he had several more guns and served a seizure warrant to remove the firearms from his home. Crisis intervention officers later contacted Soracco and his family "to facilitate connections with healthcare resources if needed," police said.

He has been charged with intimidation based on bias and reckless endangerment and was been released on bond.

"The Fairfield Police Department takes all matters of threatening and hate crimes very seriously, and urges the public to immediately report any such incidents that they may observe," said Chief Robert Kalamaras in a statement. "Thank you to the bystander who reported this incident, who assisted police by providing critical and timely information during this investigation."