Florida man triumphs over his racist neighbor after recording his shocking antics
Courtroom (Shutterstock)

A Black man from Florida is finally getting justice against a racist neighbor who for years has been targeting him with racist harassment.

Florida-based news station Local 10 reports that Miami resident Alexander Tatum won in court recently after he spent years documenting the racist behavior of neighbor Jesus Hiedra, who has been shown on camera repeatedly hurling the N-word and flipping the middle finger.

In addition to this, Tatum has video showing Hierda spraying some substance onto his property that he believes was a chemical irritant that harmed one of his pet dogs.

After weighing all the evidence compiled by Tatum, the judge overseeing the case ruled in favor of a three-year restraining order against Hiedra, who will be prohibited from having any contact with Tatum and who will have to remain at least 500 feet away from his neighbor at all times except when entering and leaving his own house.

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Hierda is also not allowed to post complaints about Tatum in the internet.

Tatum told Local 10 that he feels justice has been served -- and now he can apparently enjoy spending time in his own neighborhood.

"“Peace of mind – mentally, nothing better than having some recourse to the situation,” he told Local 10.