Slur-shouting woman nearly runs over Black traffic flagger – then gets busted after victim’s coworker follows her home

A California woman has been charged with a hate crime after being arraigned on DUI and assault charges, the Enterprise Record reports.

Police in the city of Paradise arrested Martina Marie Garcia, 33, on March 30 for driving under the influence of alcohol and assault with a deadly weapon after she hurled racial slurs as she drove her vehicle toward a Black traffic flagger.

The flagger was reportedly holding a "Slow" sign as Garcia sped through a work zone while holding a beer and making an obscene gesture. Witnesses say a passenger in the car, presumed to be her brother, also made a similar gesture. Garcia then turned the car around and accelerated to 50-60 mph. She allegedly then swerved her vehicle at the flagger while yelling racial epithets at him.

Her brother was also arrested and was charged with being drunk in public and violating parole.

Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey said that the hate crime charge was added after reports indicated the assault was motived by hate directed at a minority.