Black family 'driven from their home' after complaining about white students coercing their son to drink urine

A Black family in Plano, Texas says that they have been forced to flee their home after receiving violent threats related to their complaints about the bullying their son was subjected to at the hands of white students.

Local news station NBC DFW reports that Summer Smith, the mother of a 13-year-old student at Plano's Haggard Middle School, said this week that she and her family have left their house because they no longer feel safe there.

Smith earlier in the month sent shockwaves through the community when she posted a video on Facebook that appears to show a group of white kids coercing her son into drinking urine at a sleepover that occurred in February.

According to CBS DFW, Smith also said that her son was called racial slurs by the white students and even shot with a BB gun at the sleepover, where he was invited by a white boy who had seemingly befriended him just a month before.

Smith claims that the friendship appears to have been a ruse so that her son could be subjected to further bullying.

Plano Superintendent Sara Bonser said that school district officials have also received death threats for investigating the incident, although she said that officials would not be deterred from uncovering the full truth.

"What we all saw was inexcusable," she said. "It's inexcusable and we will all have to do our part. The school district, the community and the families to come together and say, 'No more. This is not OK.'"