White Texan poses as a cop and tells Black spa owner her race 'ruined' his 'legacy of being a Christian'
Photos: Screen capture

The Daily Beast posted a video of a man posing as a police officer who claimed that people of color are taking jobs from white people. He's also said that he can no longer be a Christian because of Black people.

“You ruined my life, my entire legacy of being a Christian,” the man said in a video filmed by a spa owner.

She refused to give her name and the business name, fearful that she would be further attacked by those who believe in the so-called "great replacement theory." It was less than a month ago that a racist mass shooter killed ten people and injured three others.

The TikTok videos have garnered over 800,000 views and begins where the two were arguing over Jehovah's Witnesses.

"Please leave my establishment now," the owner says in the video. He then taunted her telling her to call the police. He started laughing at her when she accused him of judging others.

"Is that funny to you?" she asked

"Yeah, it is. It’s pretty humorous,” he said. Then he noted that he has nothing better to do but attack her.

"Your race and class destroyed my family and my life," he told the woman. "You’re playing energy chess with a person that has nothing to do with your class."

He then went off on a rant about Black rappers and associating the owner with them. "Maybe you could’ve asked me if I wanted to be a rapper or gangster in California."

The man called on Sunday to set up an appointment with her for spa services at 9:15 a.m. and arrived 30 minutes early. He then began poking around looking at windows and making others uncomfortable. She said she'd issue a refund and that he could leave but he refused. She called the police, but they never arrived.

“Because I’m a person of color, the system isn’t for me,” she said of the Dallas Police Department. “It’s for others.”

Read the full report at the Daily Beast and see the videos below:

@morgan.moon.goddess PART 1. Racist person not wanting to leave my business after asking him to leave after I found him casing my place while I was with another client. I asked him to please have a seat and I would be with him shortly but he decided to do what he wanted to do. He started making fun and talking 💩 about race, class, religion, etc and then impersonated a police officer. Btw, the police never showed up. I waited 45 minutes and nada! 🙂 #Dallas #FYP #racist ♬ original sound - user9600186100923

@morgan.moon.goddess Part 2 of racist person not wanting to leave my business #dallas #texas #fyp #racist ♬ original sound - user9600186100923

@morgan.moon.goddess Part 3 of racist person not wanting to leave my business. #dallas #texas #fyp #racist ♬ original sound - user9600186100923

@morgan.moon.goddess Racist dude talking about race and class and not wanting to leave my establishment after telling him numerous times to go. The police never showed up. #dallas #texas #racist #fyp #trending ♬ original sound - user9600186100923