'Get out of MY neighborhood!' Black couple live in fear after being repeatedly targeted in Wisconsin
Reginald Wilkerson and Tanathie Addison (WISN).

On Tuesday, WISN reported that a Black couple in the West Allis suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin are being targeted with vandalism and racist threats.

"Reginald Wilkerson and fiancée Tanathie Addison, who are Black, said they have been targeted five times since the beginning of the year. The tires on their silver sedan have been slashed multiple times and the driver's side window bashed in," reported Ben Wagner. "But the most insidious part of the attack may be the notes left behind. Multiple handwritten letters, tucked into plastic bags threaten the couple using expletives and the N-word multiple times."

One of the letters demanded the couple "Get the f**k out of MY neighborhood, N****R!"

"It kinda sucks to have somebody in the neighborhood that just don't know who I am at all and because of my skin tone, you just don't want me in the neighborhood," Wilkerson told WISN, adding that he has struggled to sleep and that the couple has not kept their baby daughter at the property for fear of her safety.

Racist threats delivered by letter have been popping up all over the country. In a recent incident in Hays County, Texas, Jewish residents have been targeted with rock-filled bags containing letters claiming Jews control the media and are responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.

'I was shocked': Vandal leaves racist notes, threatens West Allis couple www.youtube.com4

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