‘I hope to hell you get shot!’ Raging Uber passenger falls flat on his face amid his racist meltdown

An Ohio man has been charged with ethnic intimidation after he yelled racial slurs at his Uber driver, Local12 reports.

The incident was captured on video and shows passenger Michael Winterman getting agitated after driver Abdelkadre Ahmat told him that his GPS stopped working and asked Winterman to give directions to his destination. Winterman refused and threatened to call 9-11.

Winterman, who Ahmat said was intoxicated, grew even more angry and used the N-word.

"I hope to hell you get shot, ni****," he said.

Ahmat said Winterman fell to the ground after getting out of the car and bloodied his nose.

"He just literally swiped it on my car -- inside my car, inside my steering wheel," Ahmat said.

Now Ahmat and the Council on American Islamic Relations are calling for Uber to deactivate Winterman's account.

In a statement, Uber called the incident "appalling and unacceptable."

"Violence and discrimination have no place on the Uber platform," the statement read. "We've been attempting to reach out to the driver to get more information since the incident was first reported to us last month. We are reactivating the driver's account and the rider has been banned from Uber."

Watch video, courtesy of WCPO , below:

Cincinnati man charged with racial abuse of Uber driver www.youtube.com