FBI arrests 'Airhead Lady' and 'Airhead Boy' on Jan 6 capitol attack charges: report

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents have arrested a mother and her son who allegedly entered Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office during the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, the HuffPost reported Friday.

"Maryann Mooney-Rondon and Rafael Rondon were arrested on Friday, a law enforcement official told HuffPost. The two arrestees ― whom online sleuths working under the #SeditionHunters moniker nicknamed 'AirheadLady' and 'AirheadBoy' because the pair emerged from the Capitol wearing stolen emergency escape hoods ― will face a host of federal charges," Ryan J. Reilly reported.

Reilly reported learning about the Rondons' identities in May after a botched FBI raid on a different Trump supporter while searching for the mother-son duo.

"Online investigators went to work after the botched raid to find the right identities and were very quickly able to identify the Rondons. One of the online sleuths who worked the case told HuffPost that the entire process of finding her and her son took about 30 minutes. At the time, a law enforcement official requested that HuffPost not reveal that the FBI had solid leads on the duo, so as not to jeopardize the investigation. The FBI arrested the Rondons a little less than five months later," Reilly reported.

In addition to making their way into Pelosi's, there is also reportedly video showing them in the gallery of the Senate.

"Video from inside Pelosi's office shows Mooney-Rondon disconnecting a laptop from attached cables before someone else grabbed the computer. On Jan. 6, Mooney-Rondon was wearing a metallic ring on her thumb, and photos on Facebook show her wearing a thumb ring," HuffPost reported.

Here is the thread Reilly posted to Twitter: