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Trump earns a new title: Terrorist-in-Chief

OK, we’ve managed to find ourselves in another governmental tempest in a substantial teacup. Donald Trump is working overtime to undercut the U.S. Postal Service just as he is railing on mail ballots. It’s a pairing that just makes no sense. As The Los Angeles Times editorialized this week: “Attacking the U.S. Postal Service before […]

A psychiatrist assesses Trump: A lonely, terrified boy — afraid of his father and unloved by his mother

The roots of Donald’s inability to feel empathy or compassion lie in the relationship with his mother. When a child has rarely been held, it is hard ever to feel loved. Mary Trump’s book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, gives an unprecedented firsthand look at a president through […]

Wall Street’s big banks are going to need another government bailout

The Wizards of Wall Street are back with a blast from the Great Recession past: repackaging and selling off debt. The banks are making a bundle. But with the way the economy is running, chances are that a lot of people will be burned when the foundation crumbles. And if things go as they typically […]

Trump and his radical Republican cult tossed our economy off a cliff

Donald Trump & Co. have thrown the already rapidly collapsing America off an economic cliff. Over the next few weeks, they will pound the wreckage, even set it afire, unless they get a lucrative new favor for Corporate America. The Trumpians are actively ruining our economy because, in a perverse way, they share the belief […]

Here’s how the Trump administration is actively trying to sabotage the Postal Service

America’s new postmaster general, the Republican Trump megadonor Louis DeJoy, is deliberately slowing down mail deliveries according to leaders of Postal Service unions. A postal worker union leader, Jonathan Smith, told DCReport that DeJoy “without a doubt is purposely trying to undermine the system.” “He wants to disable the Postal Service because Trump has his […]

Donald J. Trump: ‘Inside the mind’ of a man-child who hates, fears and abuses women

Dr. Mary Trump’s new book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, made publishing history in the same way as has The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President, edited by DCReport contributor Bandy X. Lee, a Yale forensic psychiatrist.  Both mark historic […]

Inside the mind of Donald J. Trump: Yale psychiatrist explains what the media missed in Mary Trump’s book

The publication of Dr. Mary Trump’s new book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, has brought new attention to the mental health of Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States. Much of Dr. Trump’s narrative matches the analysis of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 […]

Trump’s myth-making mistake: He’s running against an opponent who doesn’t exist

Down in the polls, Donald Trump is betting that voters will decide that Joe Biden will look worse.To me, just how Trump is doing that is more than concerning: Trump is choosing an unsubstantiated, scattershot campaign based on myths and false associations that present dangers that just are not borne out. If Trump actually believes […]

Trump’s storm troopers crush liberty on the streets of Portland

Pay close attention, very close attention, to Portland, Ore., where Donald Trump’s tin-horn-dictator moves against demonstrators threaten us all. Sending armed federal law enforcement dressed in combat fatigues to grab people off the streets is an intentionally provocative strategy. Some of those arrested, and one shot with a rubber bullet that fractured his skull, appear […]

Yale psychiatrist reveals the 3 disturbing conditions that are allowing Trump’s psychosis to infect his followers

Many believe that the falling poll numbers for Donald Trump are a measure of his mishandling the coronavirus pandemic to the point of calamity or his divisiveness in the face of a racial crisis.  While these things may be partially true, there is a far more important, overriding factor: his inability to hold ongoing rallies. His loss of […]

Betsy DeVos wants to turn millions of America’s children into pandemic lab rats

The trouble with actually listening to Education Sec. Betsy DeVos and other Trump cabinet members is that their words lead nowhere. They are circular arguments: Schools should open despite coronavirus because, well, schools should be open. Clearly DeVos is backing Trump’s demand for schools across the country to be fully open with in-person classes in […]

Double-dipping spotted among PPP healthcare loan recipients

Healthcare providers have faced significant challenges during the pandemic, but it was still surprising to see that sector show up as the largest recipient of assistance under the Paycheck Protection Program. That’s because hospitals and other providers were already receiving tens of billions of dollars in federal aid from other CARES Act programs. To the […]

Trump’s ‘unraveling’: Mental health experts warn that the next four months could be really dangerous

Donald Trump on Friday commuted the sentence of his crony, Roger Stone. As Mitt Romney tweeted, “Unprecedented historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person  convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very president.” So the president of the United States takes action to help his buddy, a convicted felon, […]

Trump is unraveling before our eyes — and the next four months could be particularly dangerous: Mental health experts

Donald Trump on Friday commuted the sentence of his crony, Roger Stone.  As Mitt Romney tweeted, “Unprecedented historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person  convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very president.” So the president of the United States takes action to help his buddy, a convicted felon, […]

Trump’s Bureau chief wants to give authority over federal lands to local law enforcement officials

Donald Trump’s acting head of the Bureau of Land Management, says local authorities should have primary law-enforcement authority on federal land. The director, attorney William Perry Pendley publicly undermined the agency’s rangers, saying they should defer to local law enforcement. He could be putting rangers in danger with his words. Pendley, the acting director since […]

Well, the good news is Trump hasn’t entirely lost his mind — or so he says

Donald Trump, 74, bragged last week during a Sean Hannity interview that he had “aced” a recent cognition test at Walter Reed Hospital. Trump boasted that doctors witnessing the test “said that’s an unbelievable thing. Rarely does anybody do what you just did.” He then challenged Democrat Joe Biden, 77, to match him. But haven’t […]

Why COVID-19 runs rampant among the US prison population

DC Report’s Dr. Bandy X. Lee was interviewed by the Rev. Jean-Fritz Guerrier, Coordinator of Community Life for the All School Conference at Yale Divinity School, on the state of the U.S. prison system in this time of COVID-19. Question: What are the main characteristics of the U.S. prison system?  What makes it different from systems […]

Thieves and scoundrels spotted among COVID-19 bail out recipients

The Trump Administration’s reluctant disclosure of the names of more than 600,000 recipients of Paycheck Protection Program aid has shown that many of the loans went to firms that are well-connected and that otherwise don’t fit the image of mom-and-pop businesses we were led to believe would be the main beneficiaries. There is another problem: […]

How Republicans are using technology to deny your right to vote

How do you win an election? You could gain a majority of votes. Or you can cheat—as Republicans have been doing in force since 2010—with gerrymandering and other forms of suppression across the country so the minority party can gain and hold power even as its numbers shrink. Now those who would discourage or disable […]

A new civil war erupts inside Trump’s VA as Secretary Robert Wilkie is accused of pushing white supremacy

Long before Donald Trump exposed himself as a cheerleader for white supremacy, workers at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs were complaining that the Neo-Confederate running the agency didn’t care about them and was “mimicking” the racist-in-chief. Trump picked Robert Wilkie to run the VA in 2018, despite, or because of, the former naval intelligence officer’s […]

Trump’s Russia bounty scandal exposes his fundamental inability to digest new information

A couple of weeks have passed, with plenty of public smoke but no fire over reports that Russians were bribing the Taliban to target American troops in Afghanistan, with at least some of the 20 deaths over the last year attributed to the Islamic militants linked to the Taliban. Donald Trump continues to say he […]

Investigative journalist who’s been covering Trump for 35 years explains why you need to take Mary’s Trump’s book seriously

Mary Trump’s book deserves your close attention because the president’s niece has two advantages that the small band of us who have studied Trump closely over the years do not. First, she’s family. No one knows you like your family. Your family knows how you behaved at crucial moments when life changing events occur — […]

Expert weighs in on Trump’s ‘alarming’ mental condition: President’s ‘malignant narcissism’ imperils us all

Donald Trump seems to think he deserves to be enshrined on Mount Rushmore because, as he has said, “I’m the greatest, most successful” president ever. Trump’s Fourth of July festivities were a choreographed celebration of him, not America. To make matters worse, the lack of mask wearing and social distancing put supporters and employees at high risk […]

Court says Trump Administration can’t stall environmentalists challenging energy companies

An appeals court called out Trump regulators for perverting our nation’s checks and balances to shunt landowners and environmentalists into legal limbo and allow energy companies to seize their land and build pipelines while their legal actions were pending. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said in a 10-1 decision quietly released […]

The Russia-Taliban bounties: What did the president know and when did he know it?

We’ve heard allegations about Russian attempts to bribe Taliban-leaning Islamic militants to target Americans and coalition troops in Afghanistan. The claims are the result of U.S. intelligence conclusions. What has followed makes the developments worse: Intelligence sources are doubling down and saying there indeed were U.S. troops killed, including three Marines caught in a truck […]

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