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Native tribes frozen out of controversial plan for Bears Ears Monument

Federal law requires our government to consult with Native American tribes about the Bears Ears monument in southern Utah. But Trump is only giving lip service at best to attempts to the Navajo, Hopi and others about what was once the second-largest national monument in the lower 48 states, before Trump shrunk it by 85%. […]

Holocaust survivor’s son rips Netanyahu ‘shill’ Trump in scathing editorial

Hey Donald Trump, apparently you want to mix it up with me, son of a Holocaust survivor because I don’t agree that Israel—another sovereign nation—should be able to act as an oppressive occupier of Arab-owned land. I’m not impressed with your offensive but limp, stupid statements about “Jewish Democrats” all because you think it plays […]

Citadel Ruins at Bears Ears

A corporate land and water grab is happening in Utah — and the Trump administration isn’t doing anything to stop it

A company wants to mine sand in southern Utah about 10 miles from Zion National Park to use for fracking and has signed contracts to buy more than 391 million gallons of water a year from a nearby city and a water district. Environmental groups and an animal sanctuary are trying to block improvements to […]

Trump’s Labor Department wants to ‘weaponize’ right-wing discrimination and bigotry

Just in case you wanted to believe that the Trump administration isn’t on a campaign to trample rights for Americans, here comes the Labor Department to shove a grapefruit in your face. Labor officials have made public a new rule—no Congress, needed, thank you—to allow companies contracting with the federal government who are “religion-exercising organizations” […]

Trump’s ignorance has touched off a new crisis in Kashmir

While Americans parse conspiracy theories about billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s demise in a Manhattan jail cell, Trump’s sinister role in helping light a fuse in one of the most dangerous areas of the world has gone virtually unnoticed – by the U.S. that is. India’s abrupt takeover on Aug. 5 of the Muslim-majority Kashmir state […]

How Moscow Mitch won a new Russian plant in his home state of Kentucky

What We Read This Week: Our Investigative News Roundup Sanctions Lifted, Money Paid Critics of a Kremlin-linked industrial giant investing $200 million in a new aluminum plant in Kentucky gives Moscow political influence that could undermine national security. Pointing to Moscow’s use of economic leverage to sway European politics, they warn the deal is a […]

We can already predict where Trump really stands on Hong Kong for one very depressing reason

As China masses troops outside Hong Kong to put down popular protests seeking freedom, Donald Trump made clear that he has no idea what to do, an admission of utter incompetence. But from his past comments and behavior we know what to expect—Trump will side with mass murder over freedom seekers. “The Hong Kong thing […]

There’s a huge healthcare issue no 2020 presidential candidate is addressing

There is something pretty basic—and important—about this division we’re seeing among Democratic candidates about healthcare that, surprisingly, is too often missing from the discussion—prices of providing health. As the presidential candidates sink into details about their various versions of how to provide insurance coverage, it is assumed that a huge federal bureaucracy can negotiate acceptably […]

Team Trump: ‘The only good forest is a dead forest’

The evil genius of the people Donald Trump brought into our government so America could become a polluter’s paradise is really something to behold. The latest Team Trump move would turn our national forests into polluter playgrounds. Companies that want to mow down old-growth trees so they can get at pockets of oil, coal or […]

EXCLUSIVE: Black Idaho man charged with first degree murder for crashing his car — family told he should be lynched

Tiffany Mitchell met her husband, Cedric, the week she went to Phoenix, Arizona, to look for a new place to live. She wanted to leave Twin Falls, Idaho, because of what she describes as the town’s pervasive racism. She flew back on a Sunday, he visited her on a Tuesday, and never left. They decided to […]

What Trump’s bizarre obsession with conspiracy theories tells us about his downward mental spiral: Yale psychiatrist

At a tarmac press conference Tuesday, President Donald Trump once again failed to refute the conspiracy theory that the Clinton’s were behind financier Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Instead, the president directed reporters to find out if Bill Clinton had ever traveled to Epstein’s personal Island, where he’s been accused of sexually abusing young girls. “And then […]

How a little known government board decimated Gulf Coast fisheries

A federal commission whose longest-serving member is an EPA-hating Arkansas farmer appointed by former President Jimmy Carter helped make decisions that decimated the gulf’s seafood industry this year. Toxic algae closed all 21 of Mississippi’s beaches after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened a Louisiana spillway, pouring more than 10 trillion gallons of freshwater […]

The UN’s bleak view of the planet’s future

That we cannot take gun control seriously, that we can’t talk about abortion or race or tax cuts forthrightly and honestly spells big trouble for dealing with the kind of food and water shortages being laid out in a new report by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The report, which includes the […]

Will Trump supporters ever open their eyes to see what’s right in front of them?

Sometimes a picture deserves a thousand or so words. The photographs of the Trumps in El Paso is an obscenity. Because it was released without caption material, its terrible significance may not be obvious to many people so let’s scrutinize the image. And let’s provide context, which will reveal how the evil that is Trumpism […]

This is the face of radical Republican anti-Semitism

Call the Capitol hypocrisy police: We seem to have another incident needing attention. This involves the pot calling the kettle anti-Semitic. For weeks, Republicans, led by Donald Trump and his rally chants, have called for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) to “go back where she came from” as a naturalized immigrant born in Somalia, in part […]

Trump’s EPA sides with water polluters in major Hawaii case

If you like sewage, chemical wastes or radioactive molecules in your drinking water the Trump Administration has your back. It’s part of Team Trump’s determined efforts to remake the Environmental Protection Agency into the Environmental Pollution Agency. Soon the U.S. Supreme Court, urged on by Team Trump, may give its stamp of approval to effectively […]

Winemaker Eric Trump has a big grin on his face — and one of daddy’s signature issues may be the reason why

Is Trump hoping that his threatened new tax on French wine might benefit his son’s poorly-reviewed Trump Winery in the vineyards of Virginia? No one inside the lush halls of the Miraval winery, co-owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with a French partner and located in Provence, wanted to answer that question this week. […]

Here’s how each Democratic candidate for president would tackle the climate

RL Miller chairs the California Democratic Environmental Caucus and is the founder of Climate Hawks Vote.  Last October, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report which found, among other things, that carbon pollution must be cut by 45 percent by 2030 and must hit net zero by 2050 if we are to […]

Exclusive: Private GoFundMe border wall effort now under criminal investigation

Florida officials are conducting a criminal investigation of WeBuildTheWall Inc., a group which says it will build privately the wall on the Mexican border touted by Donald Trump. The organization has raised more than $20 million through a GoFundMe campaign amid questions about how $1.7 million was spent. We reported in June that WeBuildTheWall Inc. […]

Republicans block effort to save the Great Lakes from invasive Asian carp

Republicans sat on a report for months about how to block Asian carp from our nation’s Great Lakes, but now environmentalists are hoping Congress approves money this year to fund preliminary work for a $778 million plan to stop the fish at a dam near Joliet, Ill. Todd Semonite, the commanding general of the U.S. […]

Financially troubled colleges are ripping off veterans — with Betsy DeVos’s help

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s move to reverse Obama-era restrictions on for-profit colleges and reinvigorate the shady industry has backfired spectacularly. Since DeVos and team greenlighted the accreditation of one of the nation’s largest chains of for-profit colleges, Dream Center Education Holdings, and its purchase of schools, thousands of students have been affected by school closures […]

Trump administration is trying to kill beloved labor symbol ‘Scabby the Rat’ in free speech attack on unions

Through a labor board it controls, the Trump administration is trying to kill a beloved union symbol, Scabby the Rat. This latest attack on the First Amendment free speech rights of workers is part of its effort to convert our government’s Department of Labor into the Department of Bad Management. Sharp-fanged, red-eyed, and scabrous bellied, […]

CNN’s massive debate fail: Why won’t they ask about saving democracy?

It’s one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. And last November, Michigan voters did something about it. An overwhelming majority — more than 61 percent, Democrats, Republicans and independents alike — stripped lawmakers of the ability to draw their own districts and gave the power to a nonpartisan citizen commission. On Tuesday morning, […]

Trump explained: ‘If Obama did it, it’s got to go’

An old friend in Monaco, a retired European military historian, sneered at me when I asked about the escalating crisis in the Persian Gulf between the U.S. and Iran—the one that’s pulling in the U.K. and the international community, the one TV analysts say could result in a “ferocious” response from Iran if the U.S. […]

The butt of the joke: David Cay Johnston explains how the Dems can beat Donald Trump in 2020

When will the Democrats realize that Donald Trump’s Twitter rants create an opportunity to stop his drive to become our Emperor? It’s an opportunity the Democrats (and the few Never Trump Republicans) squander every time they respond with moral outrage. The opportunity is to mock Trump, which will goad him into ever more crazy behavior. […]

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