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Conspiracy theorists, hoaxers and Trump have twisted Facebook, YouTube and the news to toxic levels — and it’s only getting worse

It may be getting harder and harder to figure out the truth, but at least this much is clear: It’s a good time to be a liar. We’ve spent three years arguing if fake news swung the 2016 election — debating whether the hordes of Russian bots, hoax Facebook pages and inflammatory, dishonest tweets tipped […]

Congress: Bill Barr should be investigated for 5 recent issues alone

When the smoke finally clears from the impeachment morass, we’ll still have the case of the Justice Department that Atty. Gen. William P. Barr has turned into a personal law firm to protect Donald Trump. There have been almost daily developments showing that Barr’s Justice Department has been extending its efforts to provide both justifiable […]

Exclusive: Dead Man Walking’s Sister Helen Prejean calls on Americans to act in time of Trump

The nun whose epic book Dead Man Walking turned public opinion against state-sanctioned killing in America is calling on Americans to escape their own paralysis and “reach out” in a time of “hopelessness in our country.” In an exclusive interview with RAW STORY, Sister Helen Prejean, the 80-year-old New Orleans nun whose 1993 book told […]

Trump tells another massive whopper: Our military has plenty of bullets — thanks to Obama

We know that Donald Trump lies every single day as he creates his own reality. But Monday he told a ridiculous whopper that also showed he is a mentally unstable moron. At the core of this delusional observation lies a conspiracy theory so bizarre that the National Rifle Association labeled it baloney. Speaking to television […]

Anti-Communist hysteria, J. Edgar Hoover and a guy in the KKK: David Cay Johnston explains why a judge just shot down Trump

Donald Trump’s bid to withhold his tax returns from a grand jury failed on Monday in large part thanks to flyers handed out more than a half-century ago protesting the fatal LAPD shooting of an unarmed black man. The 1919 Palmer raids and the 1950s House Committee on Un-American Activities—the discredited witch hunt for supposed […]

Trump’s hurling around accusations of ‘treason.’ But it isn’t projection — it’s strategic

Trump has been hurling around charges of Treason lately. Lots of them. He’s launched them against Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee; the entire Russian Investigation, including but not limited to Robert Mueller’s team; Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; James Comey, previously Director of the FBI; Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Director […]

Looking for Trump’s corruption? Start with his cabinet

I’m more than amused by Donald Trump’s newfound insistence that he is in search of Corruption to unearth. Indeed, in pursuit of Corruption, he is willing to walk all over the U.S. Constitution in order to tag political foe Joe Biden and his son as the source of a Shady Deal, with him risking impeachment […]

Joe Biden’s African-American ‘firewall’ isn’t holding – and his electability argument may fall next

The modern political landscape is littered with the ruins of presidential candidacies that were once seen as inevitable. Kick the stones in Nashua or Ames and you’ll find the wreckage of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 primary juggernaut. Dredge Charleston’s Ashley River and you’ll find Jeb Bush’s $150 million attempt to anoint himself the 2016 Republican nominee. Joe Biden’s […]

Trump’s man at the Bureau of Land Management wants it dismantled

William Perry Pendley, the attorney now running the Bureau of Land Management, oversees federal coal leases despite pushing for a fire sale of coal leases more than three decades ago that led to a federal probe in which he was referred for possible criminal prosecution. Pendley and another Interior appointee ate an infamous $494 dinner […]

Ukraine isn’t nearly enough

Impeachment isn’t just about the presidency of Donald Trump. It’s about the role of Congress in our republic. Many Congressional Democrats want to see a narrow, specific bill of impeachment—just three or so articles focusing on Trump’s illegal efforts to enlist the government of Ukraine in his 2020 re-election effort. It’s easy. It’s fast. And […]

Exclusive: Trump county so desperate for clean water they turn to GoFundMe

A rural water district in a northern Nebraska county that voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election had to resort to setting up a GoFundMe account when a flood wiped out running water to half of the county for six months. Rancher Rex Black, the president of the Boyd County Rural Water District, hopes […]

Now you know how weird this whole Ukraine thing really is

Everyone understands a blow job. Same goes for a botched Washington, D.C., hotel room break-in by a bunch of political operatives. Not hard to picture. But if it weren’t for a TV star-turned-president—and we’re not talking about Donald Trump—the ballooning impeachment scandal involving Ukraine, a country few Americans could find on a map, would be […]

David Cay Johnston: The future of Trump’s presidency is up to Fox News

Finally, a major breach in Donald Trump’s wall of secrecy. But before America can rid itself of this con artist one more development must occur. For this to happen Americans who love their country must focus on making just two men act in the national interest. These two are exceptionally sensitive to their own commercial […]

A widening scandal now surrounds Team Trump, Rudy Giuliani and William Barr

New release of an explosive whistleblower report and corroborating Congressional testimony by Joseph Maguire, the acting Director of National Intelligence filled in a lot of the blank spots in the dramatic series of events being cited as a reason for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Still, what the twin eruptions of information did was to […]

The acting DNI needs to explain why he passed the whistleblower’s complaint to the White House and DOJ — but not Congress

If you like unfinished puzzles, then waking to the Congressional agenda this morning should be perfect. We’ve had House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dramatically declaring that the unasked, unanswered questions we’re about to hear are already pointing towards Impeachment. We’ve had President Donald J. Trump already acknowledge that yes, he reached out to a foreign power, […]

The Trump-Kushner peace plan could be a victim of the messy Israeli election

Donald Trump’s much-ballyhooed bromance with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu is on the rocks because Netanyahu’s Likud party failed for a second time this year to win enough votes to secure his political future, throwing Israeli politics into indefinite disarray. Trump—hater of non-winners—had no problem quickly throwing his one-time bestie under the bus. He […]

Now Betsy DeVos is telling colleges what to teach

I’m delighted to learn that everything must be fine with America’s public schools, with student loans and debts, with the growth of community colleges, with affirmative action in our school communities, with a healthy diversity, school assaults and shootings, fair pay, teacher satisfaction and childcare issues. I know this because otherwise, I would have no […]

Author blows the lid off Mike Pence’s devious rise to power — and his scheme to take the White House

Vice President Mike Pence has stood by President Donald Trump for three chaotic years, even as dozens of top administration officials have resigned or been fired. Pence does not appear to ever cross the president or rein him in, leading critics to assume that he doesn’t exert much power in the administration. PIETY & POWER: […]

‘Nauseating’: Trump displays his utter contempt for the law and the Constitution — again

Abuse of power must be the label on a burgeoning dossier of complaints about Donald Trump as a president who would order subordinates to ignore congressional subpoenas, to steal money from one approved budget pot to build his Wall, to flaunt ethical protocols – and to do all those obstruction-like things outlined in the Mueller […]

Warren accuses Congress of complicity in Trump’s continued abuses

Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused the U.S. Congress of complicity in President Donald Trump’s continued abuse of power late Friday, after reports surfaced of his alleged attempts to solicit foreign meddling in the 2020 presidential election, and reiterated her demand that Democrats use their majority in the House to pursue impeachment. Warren’s tweeted statement came hours […]

California finally has a progressive government. Here’s how it’s changing the game.

Democrats won supermajorities in both houses of the California legislature in 2006. They have dominated Golden State politics ever since, defying conservative expectations. Instead of sinking into deficits and collapsing, California is running a budget surplus, and has become the world’s 5th largest economy. However, tensions between the Democratic establishment and grassroots activists have continued […]

Nancy Pelosi faces serious challenges — but she’s failed miserably in two key ways

As I wrote earlier this week, with its muddled messaging on impeachment, the House Democratic leadership may have figured out a way of both demoralizing the Democratic base and firing up Trump’s supporters. It’s a mess. But fairness requires us to acknowledge an important fact: Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have the votes to launch an […]

Yale psychiatrist on what the whistleblower scandal reveals about Trump’s ‘self-defeating pathology’

On Thursday, information emerged that a whistleblower in the intelligence community had officially submitted a complaint suggesting that President Donald Trump had had a compromising discussion with a foreign leader. As the news circulated Friday, commentators raised the possibility that Trump had offered the president of Ukraine a stronger relationship in exchange for dirt on […]

How Facebook makes money when people are slaughtered

The National Rifle Association nearly doubled its spending on pro-gun Facebook propaganda for three weeks after the mass shootings last month in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, according to analytics provided to The Intercept. The social advertising surge began just one day after the Aug. 3 El Paso massacre, which left 22 people dead, […]

How the tyrant in the White House just took our government to a new depth of depravity

To me, it feels ice-tinglingly creepy that the U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu in Washington wants to bring criminal charges against former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. The charge, basically that McCabe lied about a leak to a reporter, seems to come nowhere near close to supporting a criminal charge after 18 months of investigation, an […]

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