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Senators failed to ask Amy Coney Barrett some important questions

After three days of Kabuki theater, a television mini-series produced by the Senate Judiciary Committee, did you learn anything Judge Amy Coney Barrett that she didn’t want you to know? Really, it’s not hard to frame questions that produce informative answers, including when the response is a dodge. Let me show you, starting here: Judge […]

Clergy and conservatives call for allowing more refugees — but Trump won’t listen

The Trump administration just delivered another blow for legal immigrations along with another smack at allowing refugees into the United States. It’s a story that easily can get lost in the flurry of news over Donald Trump’s coronavirus infection, his Supreme Court nomination and the general noise of the election’s final weeks. In the last […]

Trump merchandise on sale at deep discounts as president’s campaign loses cash battle with Biden

Donald Trump’s campaign is so desperate to raise cash that it’s begun offering deep discounts on the merch it sells. The campaign’s Columbus Day “flash sale” comes amid signs that the campaign could go broke before balloting ends Nov. 3. “For a limited time, YOU can use code COLUMBUS to get 30% OFF your ENTIRE ORDER,” screamed […]

Flip-flopping Trump suddenly needs Democrats more than bootlicking Senate Republicans 

Donald Trump was against a new coronavirus aid package before he was for it. And now, with time running out before the elections, we’re actually unsure of what the White House wants – other than a second term. It would seem that the easiest explanation for all the back-and-forthing is that it suddenly has occurred to Trump […]

Inside Trump’s wildly exaggerated ‘help’ for black voters

As part of every campaign speech – and in that single, awful debate – Donald Trump works in a reference to helping Black voters. Specifically, he cites lower unemployment numbers than in the years before his presidency and the introduction of “opportunity” zones for investment in specified urban neighborhoods. Actually, when you look at these […]

Trump’s support is collapsing — but there are 7 reasons why Dems shouldn’t get too comfortable

The run of strong polls for the Biden campaign over the last week – including both national polls with eye-popping leads and swing state results with growing margins – has led to some cognitive dissonance. On one hand, the sheer volume of promising results has launched a streak of “it’s obvious that President Donald Trump is going to lose” analysis from influential outlets […]

REVEALED: Trump’s economy was plummeting before the pandemic — and Mike Pence just told a whopper about it during the debate

There’s fresh evidence today that the robust economy Donald Trump inherited from Barack Obama was faltering before the pandemic. State personal consumption spending growth slowed sharply in 2019 compared to the year before, the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis reported Thursday morning. The growth rate plummeted by a fifth. Personal expenditures grew in 2019 but […]

Trump’s EPA chief issues ‘straight-up racist’ order to return to offices

Hundreds of telecommuting employees at the Environmental Protection Agency are in open revolt against agency head Andrew R. Wheeler this week for what they say is a deadly and racist order to return to federal buildings despite the pandemic. They refused Monday to be bullied back into a much higher risk of contracting COVID-19 just […]

Trump spews death without shooting a gun on 5th Avenue — as 3 mothers endanger their children for the president’s vanity

Donald Trump is covering up just how he and 18 White House aides and supporters got the coronavirus, the latest proof that he doesn’t care about you or anyone else. Instead of shooting someone on Fifth Avenue, spraying lead bullets out of a gun, Trump sprayed the deadly coronavirus with every word coming out of […]

COVID-19 has killed more Americans than 5 wars combined

Sometime this week, even as we see Donald Trump being treated for COVID-19, it is likely we will hit 212,000 American deaths from coronavirus in seven months. That is a mark passing U.S. deaths from conflicts in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and World War I – reflected symbolically over the weekend with 20,000 empty chairs […]

Trump fights the virus — and his diminishing credibility

On the day that Donald Trump went public with his coronavirus diagnosis, Republican legislators were in court to support a lawsuit against Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’ orders for mask-wearing in public—even as the state/s hospitals reported tripled admissions for the virus. On the same day, a Michigan Supreme Court struck down extended emergency powers for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer […]

Here’s why real tax reform never had a chance under Trump

In the wake of the New York Times’ revelation that Donald Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of the previous 15 years, some of his staunch supporters are saying, “Well, wasn’t he just doing what our tax laws allow?” We may never entirely know whether he followed or broke the law because Republicans […]

The man who told the truth about the real Donald Trump — and no one listened

Of all the books about Donald Trump this year, the one that will help you best understand the man, his rise to power and his inability to carry out the duties of a president is by a journalist who has been dead for almost four years. Without Compromise is a collection of columns by the […]

That was no debate — it was a brawl

Do we really have to pick a debate winner in a brawl? Do the rules matter? Didn’t we know ahead of time that Donald Trump would slash viciously and personally and pretend that he is an outsider to Washington and that Joe Biden would try to look presidential,  mostly stick to his message while wryly noting […]

Mudslinging, half-truths and a clash of cultures: Here are 7 things to look for in tonight’s Trump-Biden debate

Well, we can be sure tonight’s debate will be sarcastic, insulting and lively – and a fact-checker’s heaven, starting with why Donald Trump hasn’t paid any income taxes recently. Donald Trump is reported to have spent his prep time coming up with one-line zingers particularly aimed at his opponent’s family and mental acuity, even as […]

Dangerous ‘bomb trains’ are coming soon to a town near you — thanks to Donald Trump and Jared Kushner

An energy company tied to a hedge fund that loaned millions to the Trump Organization and the Kushner Companies will benefit after Team Trump approved railroads running “bomb trains” through our nation loaded with liquefied natural gas with more explosive power than the atom bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. Liquefied natural gas is even more volatile […]

Chumps: Trump’s pride in not paying taxes shows what he really thinks of the American people

The richly detailed examination of Donald Trump’s taxes in today’s New York Times carries two crucial but unstated messages. One is about Trump. The other about what chumps we Americans are when it comes to our own income taxes. Trump paid no income taxes in 10 of the last 17 years while raking in as […]

The Trump years have proved to be an ethical Whack-a-Mole game in which the taxpayer is always the loser

Maybe it has ever been thus, but Donald Trump is using our tax dollars to send to potential voters in an outwardly political effort. Recent efforts, for example, include ponying up an extra $13 billion more dollars in pandemic aid for big agriculture under the name of expanded aid to farmers in rural America whose support Trump […]

The hypocrisy of ‘socially responsible’ corporations

As they push forward to fill a Supreme Court vacancy shortly before a presidential election, Republicans are putting on a master class in hypocrisy. A new report on self-proclaimed socially responsible corporations reminds us that the tendency to say one thing and do another also can be seen in the world of business. The study, produced […]

Trump’s Supreme Court pick has a problem with the Constitution

Nomination of conservative Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court makes us think about the role of government in our lives and the Republican majority view of winning vs. fairness. That her lifetime confirmation will change the direction of the Supreme Court for many years is a given, and, as it happens, a sop toward […]

The stunning hypocrisy of ‘socially responsible’ corporations

As they push forward to fill a Supreme Court vacancy shortly before a presidential election, Republicans are putting on a master class in hypocrisy. A new report on self-proclaimed socially responsible corporations reminds us that the tendency to say one thing and do another can also be seen in the world of business. The study, produced by […]

Trump just gained the political attention-grabbing moment he so craves

Is there a Trump win in the Supreme Court mess even if confirmation of a replacement for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg somehow is delayed? There is a good argument that Donald Trump already got what he wants from the situation: No one is talking about COVID-19, 200,000 dead Americans on Trump’s watch, millions still jobless […]

House Republicans propose a bizarre and brutish future for American workers in remarkably slipshod policy memo

Ten House Republicans who fashion themselves policy wonks are out with their diagnosis of what ails the American worker. Their proposed cure is a future that would be brutish, nasty, and short. The Hobbesian, dog-eat-dog, policies the Republican Study Group proposes would enhance the power of those born to privilege, just so long as nothing […]

Wall Street delivers a stunning repudiation of Trump and his coronavirus failures

The stock market, the faltering Trump campaign’s last straw of hope for the November election, is turning out to be the Republican nominee’s short straw. After a month of gradually falling stock prices, Wall Street on Monday was delivering a stunning repudiation of the current occupant of the White House and his radical Senate enablers […]

Trump’s record in federal courts is the worst of any recent president — as his administration loses case after case

Donald Trump is the biggest loser. While he and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may get a chance to ram through another justice on the Supreme Court before the November election, it may not do them much good. The Trump Administration is losing case after case in federal courts. Even judges appointed by Republican presidents […]

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