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EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood producer bankrolled mysterious super PAC funded flyers calling Connecticut’s first black congresswoman a socialist

WASHINGTON — During her first reelection bid earlier this year, Connecticut’s first black congresswoman, Rep. Jahana Hayes, was attacked as “too radical” in mailers showing her standing in front of a scene that looks like burning, violent looting and tying her to “the Squad.” But who exactly paid for the ads that Hayes decried as […]

Judge slaps down Trump ploy to force elderly into nursing homes

Team Trump lost a court battle that could have pushed our nation’s low-income elderly, disabled and blind out of their own homes and into deathtrap nursing homes during the pandemic. A California federal judge called the Trump rule that bars states from withholding part of the paychecks of some home healthcare workers for things like […]

It’s too late to stop Donald Trump’s tantrum — but it’s not too late to stop his policies right now

Any thoughts that Donald Trump is just trying to polish his perceived presidential legacy with his late-game administration moves is giving way to a darker idea. He is planting boulders in the path of Joe Biden and the incoming group, “salting the earth,” as one headline declared this week.  It’s a ridiculous process that sneers […]

Experts: There’s still time — and reason — to invoke the 25th Amendment

“What is the 25th Amendment for, if not designed for this exact reason?” is a question we have perpetually received regarding the current president.  We finally sought to answer it at our Nov. 14 online town hall. Indeed, since the announcement of election results, Donald Trump has refused to concede, has withheld critical information for the transition […]

IT manager at NC State identified in lawsuit as a Proud Boy who doxed thousands of left-wing activists

Dressed in a burgundy dress shirt, with a full beard and shoulder-length brown hair, and wearing a black felt hat, Chadwick Seagraves cut a striking figure as he stood on the steps of the Chapel Hill Courthouse in North Carolina in June 2017 and gave a hearty introduction to Augustus Sol Invictus. Seagraves’ guest was […]

OSHA has been out to lunch during the pandemic

Donald Trump’s super-spreader rallies heading into the Nov. 3, election were egregious acts of idiocy that only helped to worsen the coronavirus crisis nationwide — but his team’s dismissing workplace safety and abandon whistleblowers in the era of COVID-19 has been fueling the virus’ spread since the start of the pandemic. The Occupational Health & […]

The long grift: How Donald Trump’s ‘voter fraud’ claims may not be about the 2020 election

It’s becoming apparent that if you don’t like Donald Trump’s vocal debasement of our election results, you probably aren’t going to enjoy his next four years. In fact, when you think about it, maybe this is all part of a long-term Trump grift. Consider that: –A new snap poll – yes, they’re polling again – […]

‘Dear Leader’ Donald Trump has always preferred petulance to governing

We’re quickly seeing the effects of Donald Trump’s resistance to conceding his electoral loss in a petulant and stupid refusal to follow through on appropriate, expected and necessary cooperation on setting up the myriad aspects of the presidential transition. Even as Trump commands a dwindling number of Republicans willing to say the election remains unsettled, […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Blood of Liberty’ PAC formed by right-wing political operative looking to rebrand himself as a ‘center right’ post-Trump player

WASHINGTON — He helped President Donald Trump win Florida and managed conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer’s congressional campaign. Now Scott Barrish is trying to reinvent himself as a centrist. The rebranding effort comes in the form of a violently named new foundation and political action committee that Barrish founded this week, the Sang de Liberte Foundation, […]

Mental health experts: Trump’s been out of sight because he’s been out of his mind

What is Donald Trump doing right now?  He has not spoken in public for several days, though he and his wife posed for a Veterans Day photo-op at Arlington Cemetary.  The White House is still barricaded within a “non-scalable” fence, similar to the one it erected when the president went into bunker mode in June.  There are ominous firings within the […]

Corporations take a back seat on Joe Biden’s transition team

Among the many challenges  Joe Biden’s administration will have to confront after Donald Trump ends his temper tantrum is deciding what posture to take toward big business. There will be a battle for the soul of the new president as corporate Democrats vie with progressives to influence policy in areas such as regulation and antitrust. […]

How Donald Trump set-up nursing home residents to die in the pandemic

As the pandemic rages to new heights and we gear up for a new administration, there’s an important step President-Elect Joseph R. Biden could take right away to protect our most vulnerable population: He could restore the ability for nursing home residents to sue their facilities for poor health standards. Though coronavirus cases for people […]

Republicans are still gunning for Obamacare — and Georgia’s GOP governor has a new scheme to help the party destroy it

Team Trump hasn’t been able to kill off Obamacare yet, even with stacking our nation’s courts, so at least one Republican governor will make it more difficult for people to buy health insurance. Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Republican governor who bungled his state’s response to the pandemic, has received federal approval to cut off access in […]

Defeated Donald Trump is already tearing our government apart

America is entering a very dangerous time. For his next 11 weeks in office, Donald Trump will be in a position to exact revenge, a word that by his own account is his entire life philosophy. We should all hope that he goes into one of his down emotional periods for an extended time so […]

Experts: Trump’s election court cases are going nowhere

WASHINGTON — With the presidential election rapidly slipping away from him, President Donald Trump has initiated a patchwork strategy of legal challenges to contest vote counting in states around the country to underpin his unsubstantiated claims the election is being stolen. Unfortunately for him, none of it is likely to work, according to legal experts. […]

Vengeful Trump and his Republican cronies are going to make life hell for everyone

Joe Biden just won more votes than anyone else in American history, but the next four years may go down in history as the stymied presidency. That’s because it looks highly unlikely that the Democrats will get a majority in the Senate, leaving the chamber under the ironfisted control of Mitch McConnell, patron saint of […]

What’s wrong with 68 million Americans? Expert says Trump’s mental illness infected 48% of the electorate

“What is wrong with 68 million Americans?” is a question many are asking the day after the election. Why should the race even be close? Why did 48% of voting adults choose to remain with a president who leaves a trail of hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths, the nation bankrupt, children in cages, and our natural habitat […]

Election Night’s big winner was the American voter — until Trump kicked over the table

Amid results that will require more days to finalize, it was the American voter last night who emerged as the big winner—indeed the only winner up until Donald Trump decided that he had won and tried to kick over the whole table. After all, it was the dedicated individual voter who proved willing to stand […]

Scandal-plagued GOP congressman could get into even more legal hot water if he wins re-election

Scandal-plagued Republican Rep. Jim Hagedorn defended himself against a report that he appears to have made use of rent-free office space care of a campaign donor by telling the local press last month the story was nothing but partisan lies. But a closer look reveals inconsistencies in his campaign’s explanation for why it appears to […]

Let’s cut to the chase: If you don’t vote for Donald Trump, he doesn’t want you to vote

OK, Donald Trump is insisting that “The Election should END on November 3,” even willing to slap the Supreme Court justices around, including his own appointees, for allowing the count to continue for nine days in North Carolina. Of course, the voting will stop tomorrow, just as he wants. It’s the count of late-arriving mail […]

‘Sheer incompetence’: What the 2020 Election is really about

At this point, we ought to be agreeing that the outcome of this election may change the occupant in the White House—no small thing. But it’s not going to immediately fix what’s ailing the country: The national economy, and our very health, education and welfare, rocked by a pandemic. It should be a truism that […]

EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump official warns of ‘coward’ president’s corruption and how the GOP will help him ‘cheat’ on Election Day

This Election Day has the potential to be epic. The repudiation of Donald Trump will bring unprecedented challenges to the results. Undoubtedly, Trump’s response to defeat will be dramatic and unsettling and anti-democratic. We all need to be prepared with a heightened sense of anticipation and watchfulness. Anthony Scaramucci is a lifelong Republican and former […]

EXCLUSIVE: Renowned expert charges ‘sadist’ Trump with ‘malignant neglect’ and says he deserves ‘permanent quarantine on November 3’

A sadist walks into a pandemic…. On October 30, CNN reported that in his recent rallies Trump made a series of baseless claims that doctors were inflating the coronavirus death count for their own monetary gain, despite the fact that COVID cases and deaths are rapidly surging across our country. At a rally in Michigan’s […]

How Donald Trump gets away with it: The president v. America’s tax police

To understand how Donald Trump got away with paying little to no income taxes for many years, even after he forged at least one income tax return, it helps to first understand the risks that any wealthy business owner faces if they cheat. It also helps to know that about a million rich Americans didn’t […]

Here are 5 really big promises Donald Trump hasn’t kept

Throughout his nearly four years as president, Donald Trump has made a plethora of promises that he failed to keep. Out of more than 100 promises to the American people, he accomplished only 25 of them in whole and 21 in part. From highways to health care, here are five commitments that Trump never fulfilled: […]