Civil rights attorney: Cops arrested Black hotel worker for defending himself against racist guest

A Fort Lauderdale hotel employee was thrown in jail after a brawl broke out when a guest allegedly hurled racial slurs against him. Civil rights attorney Ben Crump is now wondering why the employee, who he says was defending himself, was arrested, CBS Miami reports.

Raymond Rachal says he canceled the guest's stay due to the racial slurs. Security footage shows the guest, identified as Jason Rabe, leaves the property, but then comes back. Rabe is seen making a beeline for Rachal, prompting Rachal to punch Rabe in the face.

In the ensuing fight, Rachal punches Rabe a few more times and holds him down until police arrive. When police arrive, Rachal stands right up but is then pushed several times by a police officer as he apparently tries to get them to view the security footage. He's finally taken away in handcuffs.

Rachal was initially accused of several charges, including resisting officers with violence, but he's not seen committing any of these offenses in the security footage.

Watch CBS Miami's report on the story below:

Fort Lauderdale Police Aren't Saying Much About Video Showing Officers Arresting Hotel Employee