Regretful anti-vaxxer has to relearn how to walk after month-long battle with COVID-19
(Screenshot via ABC30)

Identical twins from California, including one who admitted to formerly being an anti-vaxxer, now have a different perspective after they were both hospitalized with COVID-19, ABC30 reports.

Sean and Shane Harrell celebrated their 47th birthday on Monday. Speaking to ABC30, Sean admitted that he was a former anti-vaxxer and his brush with the virus "changed my perspective." Sean spent 27 days in the hospital. Shane was in the hospital for six days last month.

"I was scared and worried. I'm in there with COVID myself and I'm worried about my brother. He's in ICU fighting for his life and I'm hoping he's gonna make it," Shane said.

"My friends had the vaccine. They had a cough. Trust me. I'd rather have the cough. I had COVID, I had COVID pneumonia. The meds that I was on caused ulcers. I ended up having to get five blood transfusions," said Sean, who also suffered a mini-stroke.

"The hardest part of this whole ordeal was seeing my brother intubated with every tube going everywhere possible." Shane said.

Now, Sean has to learn how to walk and use his right arm again. "I can't go fast. My lungs are still fighting trying to get the air, that's why I'm on oxygen now," he said.

Now the pair is urging others to get vaccinated and say they'll get their shots as soon as possible.

Watch ABC30's report on the story below: