GOP facing more boycotts by sporting events — and it isn’t about voter suppression this time: report

Georgia lost $100 million after Major League Baseball yanked the All-Star Game following passage of a Republican voter suppression bill that GOP Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law.

Texas and other states are facing boycotts as GOP voter suppression bills advance in multiple state legislatures.

But voter suppression isn't only thing that may result in boycotts of far-right states. The NCAA on Monday released a statement saying it could move championship events from discriminatory states amid a push of anti-transgender bills from GOP legislators.

"The NCAA has a long-standing policy that provides a more inclusive path for transgender participation in college sports. Our approach — which requires testosterone suppression treatment for transgender women to compete in women's sports — embraces the evolving science on this issue and is anchored in participation policies of both the International Olympic Committee and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee. Inclusion and fairness can coexist for all student-athletes, including transgender athletes, at all levels of sport. Our clear expectation as the Association's top governing body is that all student-athletes will be treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to ensuring that NCAA championships are open for all who earn the right to compete in them," the NCAA Board of Governors said in a statement released Monday.

"When determining where championships are held, NCAA policy directs that only locations where hosts can commit to providing an environment that is safe, healthy and free of discrimination should be selected. We will continue to closely monitor these situations to determine whether NCAA championships can be conducted in ways that are welcoming and respectful of all participants," the NCAA warned.