Whitestone Republican Club
Whitestone Republican Club holiday party. (Photo: Screen capture)

The Whitestone Republican Club in New York City held a super spreader holiday shindig just as New York is experiencing a slight spike in cases of the coronavirus.

Video of the event shows the largely old, white group waved a flag from President Donald Trump and danced in a conga-line

Reporter Matt Binder observed that one woman, with grey hair, was Vicky Paladino, a far-right activist who ran for the state Senate two years ago and lost. She's now running for the New York City Council.

A report from the Queens Daily Eagle highlighted Paladino's comment about the Trump flag, "I'm not holding that," she appeared to say.

"Roughly 50 people can be seen dancing or watching from tables along the perimeter of the room floor. One attendee can be seen wearing a mask in the video," the Eagle reported.

The event was held at Il Bacco, a restaurant that sued Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) to open indoor dining three months ago.

See the video below: