Don't let Republicans get away with saying their tax cut created the 'greatest economy ever': MSNBC analyst
Sen. Mitch McConnell -- MSNBC screengrab

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) stood on the Senate floor Monday to proclaim that no Republican will be voting to raise the debt ceiling.

The debt is from the laws passed under President Donald Trump's administration, which Republicans supported then. Now that the bill for those laws is coming due, it appears the GOP no longer supports the cost of those policies.

Writing for MSNBC, producer Steve Benen specifically cited the lies Republicans are still telling about their tax plan that ultimately cost the country trillions of dollars while not doing anything to improve the economy.

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) proclaimed to CNN's Jake Tapper over the weekend that the GOP's tax bill "created the strongest economy of my lifetime. That's just an indisputable fact."

Toomey argued that they shouldn't "undo the very tax regime that helped enable that tremendous economic growth."

But when it comes to that policy, Toomey and his colleagues are refusing to pay the bill for it. If it was so successful, why is the price tag so high? Why does the debt ceiling need to be raised if the tax bill did so much to rebuild the economy? If it was so successful, money would be pouring into the U.S. treasury from the success. Instead, the opposite is true.

"Rehashing the debate over the efficacy of the Republicans' regressive tax breaks from 2017 may seem trivial, but Democrats are currently in the process of deciding whether, and to what degree, Congress should roll back some of these tax cuts," wrote Benen. "If it's 'an indisputable fact' that these tax policies created 'the strongest economy' in generations, and were directly responsible for generating 'tremendous economic growth,' that would be highly relevant information."

Benen went on to cite the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics, showing that the U.S. economy created 3 million jobs in 2014, 2.72 million jobs in 2015, and 2.34 million jobs in 2016. The total is over 8.06 million jobs. Under Trump, however, only 6.55 million jobs were created from 2.11 million jobs in 2017*, 2.31 million jobs in 2018, and 2.13 million jobs in 2019.

Benen closed by asking if centrist Democrats are ready to fight back against this Republican "trickle-down" philosophy with the facts or if they'll continue to ignore Republican's lies, keep their heads down, and simply work to pass the Biden agenda.