Fox News host struggles to attack Dem's bill — calling dental and vision benefits and child care 'radical'
Mark Levin (Fox News)

Fox News host Mark Levin struggled to come up with a reason to oppose President Joe Biden's budget proposal that would include a "human infrastructure" investment as part of the bill.

He began by alleging that everyday Americans don't have access to Congress and they don't even know what's in the budget bill.

"In a representative republic like ours, you're supposed to be able to participate. How do you participate when you don't know all the details?" Levin said. "How do you participate when you can't even get into the Capitol building? How do you participate when your own representatives don't know what's in the bill? And what they're going to do is finally put this omnibus bill together, not specific spending bills or specific budget bills or specific authorizing bills that work their way through the process. They lump them all together. They tell members, you got 48 hours to vote on it. People claim they know what's in it in the media. They don't have the foggiest idea. And then there's a vote. It's rammed through by the Democrats."

Americans can watch every hearing, floor speech, and vote in the House and Senate every day on C-SPAN and YouTube.

If lawmakers are confused about what is in the bill, they can Google it, which will reveal information and commentary from every major industry, organizations on the left and right and even an estimation by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimating the low estimation of what it will add to the deficit. If the CBO had time to score the bill, that means they had it long enough to review the specifics and formulate calculations. Biden proposed it in April 2021, giving Republicans five months to read through it. Frequently, however, officials don't read the bills they vote for or against, as was found in 2018 when the GOP passed their tax bill.

According to Levin, the Democrats' proposal is stacked with "radical ideas." He listed the so-called "radical ideas" on the screen: "Extend the temporary child tax credit with additional taxpayer subsidies, Expand Medicare to include dental, vision and hearing, and lower medicare age from 65 to 60."

Whatever the claim from the GOP, it doesn't appear to be working, New polling from Navigator Research revealed that Americans love the Build Back Better plan. A whopping 66 percent of all Americans support it, including 61 percent of Independents and 39 percent of Republicans.