Republican governor abandons his state during huge storm to go on skiing vacation
Republican Governor Kevin Stitt (Screen Capture)

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt's (R) state is being decimated with a winter storm that is expected to dump as much as 15 to 20 inches of snow on the region. While Oklahoma is accustomed to some snow or an ice storm that lasts a day or two, such a snowstorm isn't something the state's municipal governments are able to handle. Still, Stitt took off on a ski vacation.

Texas has begged for a disaster declaration after cities have been forced to shut down, a 133-car accident killed six people and the frigid weather led to warnings of frostbite.

Already, Oklahoma has been forced to begin rolling blackouts to keep from inundating the power grid and shutting down the heat for the state. Thus far 70,000 Americans are without power in the south and central plains, said The storm is impacting over 150 million Americans, USA Today reported.

The Oklahoma site "The Lost Ogle" revealed Monday that Stitt abandoned the state during its time of need to go skiing.

It was revealed Sunday when Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt and other city leaders did a Zoom call to discuss the storm, Gov. Stitt was noticeably quiet.

"Last night, an Ogle Mole sent us this photograph of a worn-out and maskless Kevin Stitt hanging with his family after a long day of skiing the slopes in beautiful Santa Fe," the site said, posting a photo of Stitt in New Mexico.

A statement from the governor's office announced, "Governor Kevin Stitt and state officials are encouraging all Oklahomans to continue to pay attention to road conditions and to conserve energy where possible due to historic demand levels."

"State and local crews are working around-the-clock to clear the roads as quickly as possible," said Gov. Stitt in the release. "Please stay home if you can to allow them to work more effectively and consider lowering your thermostat to 68 degrees or cooler and avoid using large appliances like your washer and dryer. Oklahomans take pride in helping their neighbors and we can make a big difference by taking a few small steps together."

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