Dark money group that helped Trump's court nominee is now pushing anti-critical race theory ad: documents
President Donald Trump and Judge Amy Coney Barrett (screengrab)

The Daily Poster revealed documents showing that the dark money group behind appointments of right-wing judges.

"The Concord Fund is the new parent nonprofit of the Judicial Crisis Network, a secretive dark money group that has been bankrolling campaigns to install GOP judges and funding conservative advocacy campaigns around the country since 2004," said the report. The Fund has ties to judicial adviser Leonard Leo, the report explained. He stepped away from The Federalist Society to work for the group.

When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died, the Judicial Crisis Network dumped millions into ads promoting former President Donald Trump's nominee. The parent group, The Concord Fund obtained $20.4 million in the last year with $14.3 million from a single anonymous donor.

The Concord Fund now appears to support other organizations, creating more secrecy to see the shadow donors attempting to control the conservative message.

Now the groups are creating new groups that will advocate against "critical race theory," the GOP's latest conspiracy culture war. Republicans claim that the theory, which is critical of slavery and is generally only taught in graduate schools and law schools. Republicans have stirred up their base with the claim that it is somehow being taught in Kindergarten.

"Last week, the 85 Fund and the Concord Fund registered new fictitious names, Free to Learn and Free to Learn Action," said the Daily Poster. "A few days later, the Free to Learn Coalition, which Fox News described as an 'anti-critical race theory' organization, publicly announced that it had 'launched with an initial seven-figure national ad campaign of well over $1 million advocating for classrooms independent from political influence.'"

Republicans have attempted multiple culture war issues to no avail, like claims that Dr. Seuss was being censored by Democrats, which is false. Fox spent a few weeks talking about Mr. Potato Head getting a whole Potato family, removing the gender of the potato. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) viewed the potato-gender issue to be a liberal plot to promote transgenderism. But it was the creation of the GOP conspiracy that was able to motivate enough of their voters to flood school board and city council meetings. Based on the fundraising around the new group and the ads, it appears conservatives found this to be the issue they'll use to attack Democrats with for the midterm elections.

Read the extensive, well-researched report at The Daily Poster.