Republican group aims to take down Biden's Cabinet appointees
Joe Biden (AFP)

Americans are struggling, desperate for jobs, barely able to hold onto their housing if they haven't lost it already, and praying they don't catch COVID-19. New President Joe Biden has made "unity" a cornerstone to his administration and the overwhelming number of Capitol Hill Republicans have been receptive.

Most presidents walk into the White House on the first day with major Cabinet officials approved by the Senate. Biden's Director of National Intelligence wasn't approved by the Senate until after Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) removed his hold and allowed a vote. Ten Republicans opposed her despite the nation's defense and security being paramount.

While there is a desperate need to secure the homeland after a domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol, an economic crisis and pandemic, one Republican group announced that they intend to destroy the Cabinet appointees for Biden's administration, reported Axios.

"The Republican-aligned opposition research group America Rising is doing all it can to prevent President Biden from seating his top Cabinet picks," the report said.

Over 300 FOIA requests have already been filed for former President Barack Obama's administration seeking documents and information for any official who previously served in his government.

The first targets are naturally the most important: Secretary of Homeland Security and the Treasury. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer intends to pass additional funds to Americans after the GOP blocked $2,000 stimulus funds. Ideally, having a Treasury Secretary in place would help in ensuring the rollout of the funds. Given the attacks on the Capitol and the dangers and threats around the country, having a Homeland Security leader would be similarly helpful.

Former presidents of both parties came together Wednesday night to beg the country to come together for a united nation, building back what so many feel was lost. But the GOP group has endeavored to opt for attacks instead.

Biden won the 2020 election with an astounding 81.3 million votes, over 7 million more than former President Donald Trump. Biden came into office Wednesday with a 66 percent job approval rating.

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