GOP fears blowback over anti-LGBTQ panic in Republican legislatures: report
Gage Skidmore.

Ahead of the June celebration of Pride month that is expected to draw large post-pandemic crowds for pro-equality events across the country, some Republicans are warning of a backlash against GOP attacks on the LGBTQ community.

"Republican lawmakers around the country are pushing an array of bills that limit the discussion of gay rights in schools under the auspices of parental rights, leading some party strategists to worry that the initiatives may backfire with moderate voters by making the party seem anti-gay," The Washington Post reported Thursday. "Legislation includes a recent law passed in Florida that limits what kindergarten to third grade teachers can talk about in the classroom regarding sexual orientation and gender identity — a measure dubbed the 'don’t say gay' law by critics. Several other state legislatures, including Alabama, Louisiana and Ohio, are considering or have passed similar bills."

The legislation comes as Republicans are smearing opponents of the bills as "groomers" who are "sexualizing children."

"Democrats have been quick to criticize the GOP moves as anti-gay and anti-transgender, and highlight the likely impact of the legislation on children," the newspaper reported. "The resurgence of anti-gay rhetoric is reminiscent of a past era, some observers said. In 2004, for example, Republicans pushed state referendums banning same-sex marriage. But by the time of the Donald Trump administration, GOP antipathy to gay and lesbian rights had in many respects faded."

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