Far-right Republican comes out against GOP stunt to overturn the election in the Senate
Sen. Tom Cotton, photo by Michael Vadon/Flickr.

In a statement released late Sunday evening, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) explained why he doesn't support the Republican effort to overturn the 2020 election to hand the presidency to Donald Trump.

"The Founders (sic) entrusted our elections chiefly to the states-- not Congress. They entrusted the election of our president to the people, acting through the Electoral College -- not Congress. And they entrusted the adjudication of election disputes to the courts -- not Congress. Under the Constitution and federal law, Congress's power is limited to counting electoral votes submitted by the states," said Cotton's statement.

He also argued that if the Senate continues to demand the election result be changed, "it would not only exceed that power, but also establish unwise precedents."

He explained that it would remove the power of the people to choose their president and other elected officials and put it to "whichever party controls Congress." Secondly, Cotton said that it would "imperil" the Electoral College, which many want to see removed because it is based on an antiquated system for an agrarian society that no longer exists.

"Third," Cotton closed, "Congress would take another big step toward federalizing election law, another long-standing Democratic priority that Republicans have consistently opposed."

See the full release below: