'You can't win anything nationally': Nicolle Wallace's panel tells GOP to stop being a slave to 'Trump cult'
MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

Former DNI John Bolton's super PAC published polling data that he said proves supporting former President Donald Trump is a pathway to Republican losses. While Trump's numbers are great for a Republican Party primary, the GOP is slowly losing its voters outside of the most ardent Trump supporters.

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace confessed that she had a million questions about the idea of polling Trump's "personality" as favorable or unfavorable.

"But what I wanted to know was, what is lumped into personality? Right?" she said. "Is it the big lie? Inciting an insurrection? It is all about it Independents do not like Trump anymore? And may have taken a few years but I think the harder question for Republicans to answer is then this is who you are, right? I think that's probably the conclusion you've reached."

Former Republican Tim Miller explained that Bolton's numbers are good, showing that "56 percent of voters in 2024 don't want to vote for Trump." But the problem is that 44 percent do. So, that's pretty alarming."

"If you look at the Republicans the 2024 head to head is 50 Trump, 50 everybody else and undecided," he continued. "That's a good position for somebody running in 2024 and a long way off. The important takeaway is that yes Independents are repelled by him and, yes attracted to Joe Biden's agenda. Joe Biden should keep on ... and the Republican Party needs to decide will we try to attract the Independents or continue in this protracted battle appealing to the 50 percent, the half of the base that is really in a Trump cult, and right now they're all deciding with the exception of Liz Cheney, yes to appeal to that Trump cult."

Wallace confessed that as a political campaign nerd, but noted that the shrinking party registration among Republicans and increase in Independents show a "perilous" future for the GOP.

"I don't think you can run someone who's minus 20 among Independents if you've got 20 to 29 to 25 is the drop in Republican registration just last year, pre-insurrection and pre what happened last night," Wallace noted. "Do you think that the calculation will be let's try to harden -- the calculation now seems to be let's harden the 25 percent. You can't win anything nationally with 25 percent."

Miller said it's one of the many reasons why he agrees with the strive to look at underlying data and how difficult it will be to try and appeal to the GOP base while also trying to win Independent voters who left the GOP.

"The problem is that they have to deal with primary electorates," Miller continued. "A lot of them are in red states where the numbers are different and totally not interested in appealing to the suburbs because of the political incentives that they face. Look. I think that we, you know -- they're making a rational choice for the narrow political interests. They're stuck between the rock and the hard place and it's why Bolton is trying to encourage them to move off Trump by showing the Independent numbers and I think that's the main thing here."

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