Republicans can't 'quit' Trump — and it spells disaster for them: biographer
Donald Trump (AFP)

On Wednesday, writing for CNN, Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio outlined how the Republican Party's failure to "quit" the former president and marginalize his dominance with their base spells disaster for them in the future.

This dominance, wrote D'Antonio, was only perpetuated by a new interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity in which he said barring current issues "from a legal standpoint," he is "beyond seriously" considering another run for the presidency.

"Trump's announcement that he's 'beyond seriously' considering a 2024 bid plays right into the dynamic that keeps him in control of the party," wrote D'Antonio. "It applies pressure to would-be candidates for almost any office, who will be asked to declare their fealty to Trump, and it could paralyze any effort to craft a post-Trump party that could actually win a majority of the votes cast in a national election."

"Since 1992, Republicans have lost the popular vote in every presidential election except for 2004, when George W. Bush won reelection," wrote D'Antonio. "As Bush would know, the country is served best when both major parties present ideas and competent candidates with the temperament and integrity required for public service. Trump has, for years, pulled the GOP away from its roots as a functioning party in service to democracy and toward one-man rule. After a brief hiatus, he's back and offering more of the same."

Already, Republicans are paying a price for their loyalty to Trump; in the aftermath of the Capitol riot inspired by the former president's election conspiracy theories, voters are shedding their GOP registrations, including people who voted for him.

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