Josh Hawley longs to make states unlivable for Democrats so Republicans can maintain power forever: commentator
Republican senator Josh Hawley. (Screenshot)

MSNBC producer Ja'han Jones wrote on Monday that it's clear Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) wants to make red states a hostile place for Democrats to live.

Writing on the MSNBC blog, Jones cited Hawley's comments, “I think we will see a major sorting out across the country that is already underway, as we speak, as states move to change their laws or adopt new laws in response to this decision."

He went on to say, “More and more red states, they’re going to become redder, and purple states are going to become red, and the blue states are going to get a lot bluer."

Jones wondered if the claim that purple states would get redder is coming from the idea of voter suppression. He thinks that the GOP will take over, however, and that liberals will be scared into other states as if Democratic voters all have the funding available to simply up and relocate themselves and their families.

He also explained that the "Electoral College that has historically given conservative states outsize power." So, states like Wyoming, which has a population 14 times less the size of New York City has as much power as the state of New York in the U.S. Senate and gets an automatic two Senators, one for every 290,000 citizens. Where New York gets two senators per nearly ever 10 million people.

“I would look for Republicans, as a result of this in time, to extend their strength in the Electoral College,” he said. “And that’s very good news for those of us who want to see Republican presidents elected, that want to see a Supreme Court that remains conservative.”

As Jones explained, "that’s fascism."

The idea that a red state would be so unlivable for non-conservatives just to take over political power is akin to a kind of legislative civil war.

'This isn’t the strategy of politicians who intend to live in a country where people make decisions of their own volition. This is an authoritarian plot to offer Americans three options: Comply, run or be crushed," Jones explained.

Hawley, he explained, is "flaunting" the GOP's war on American democracy. He closed by comparing it to Russian President Vladimir Putin's efforts in Ukraine to terrorize them so much that they leave and his people can take over.

Read the full column at MSNBC.

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