Republican official appears on video admitting white nationalist helped pick GOP candidates: report
Peter Cvjetanovicm (Twitter)

CNN's KFile has uncovered a March video exposing an Oregon Republican Party official for agreeing that a prominent white nationalist had a role in choosing Republican candidates for the election.

According to the report, Republican national committeeman Solomon Yue praised a man known for promoting White nationalist language and values. He appeared on an episode of Pure Politics with Greyson Arnold, who KFile reported has posted "enthusiastically" about Nazis.

"Yue was asked if a far-right activist named Nick Fuentes and the event he's best known for organizing, America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC), should have a role in picking candidates to run for office in primaries," said the report. Yue agreed.

"Actually, in the ideal world, America First candidate is bottom-up process, it's not top-down," he said.

Yue said in the interview that he could use his power as a longtime committeeman to promote such candidates and get them to run.

"Fuentes, who has been banned from most social media platforms for his White nationalist rhetoric, said the United States needed to protect its 'White demographic core' at February's AFPAC meeting, which was billed as an alternative to the annual Conservative Political Action Committee conference," said the CNN report.

The Arizona Republic reported Tuesday that Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is welcoming Fuentes to the state for a campaign fundraiser.

Yue said that he had no knowledge of what the two men had espoused and condems white supremacy and Nazism.

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