Republican whose family calls him ‘mentally ill’ to go on QAnon show while refusing real reporters’ questions

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is an anticipated guest on a QAnon videocast, the Arizona Mirror revealed Thursday. The announcement is a huge get for QAnon, as most officials only placate the conspiracy group instead of associating directly with them.

Gosar has been criticized consistently since running for office from his own family, which argues he has "mental illness" issues that make him unfit to serve in office.

The Mirror notes that the appearance will come weeks after Gosar spoke to a gathering of white nationalists.

"He has taken a stand against the conservative establishment to support #AmericaFirst and he never wavered," said host Radix Verum, on the social media site Gab. "Let's show him our support. Let him know you have his back!"

The site hosting the chat is a 24-hour QAnon fringe show that continues to promote the theory that a "source in the White House" is revealing secrets about "the deep state" government. The site also says that a man "with a 'source in the White House' had knowledge of a plan to track and identify 'patriots' using a pandemic as the cover." It's a similar conspiracy to one from years ago that during a natural disaster FEMA will round people up and put them in camps.

"The site also has been promoting Freedom of Information Act requests it has sent to the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice asking for information about informants they inserted into groups such as the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys on Jan. 6, falsely claiming that the violence at the insurrection was committed by antifa and Black Lives Matter, not Trump supporters. The FBI has said there is no evidence to support those claims," reported The Mirror.

Gosar hasn't responded to Mirror's requests for comment about the group and the interview. He also hasn't responded to ABC News requests.