Republicans joining the 'sham' protest of Biden's electoral college win will face humiliation: John Bolton
Photo: Screen capture

On CNN Tuesday, former National Security Adviser John Bolton tore into outgoing President Donald Trump for urging Senate Republicans to try to block the congressional certification of President-elect Joe Biden's victory — and warned Republicans against heeding his call.

"Let me ask you this," said anchor Jim Acosta. "The New York Post says by that calling on Republicans to overturn the election ... the president is, quote, 'cheering for an undemocratic coup.' Do you agree that when Republicans — some Republicans join forces on Jan. 6th in [an] attempt to overturn the election, whether or not it is ultimately successful, that they are cheering on a coup attempt? Is this like a coup attempt, you think?"

"Well, I think that states it pretty dramatically," said Bolton. "There's no evidence of systemic fraud that benefited Joe Biden in this election. People can talk about it all they want. They have failed in courts, they have failed in administrative proceedings, they have failed under state law. So, you've either got to say there was no systematic fraud, or Donald Trump had the worst legal team in the history of Western civilization. This is a complete sham. I think anybody who tries to stop the count of the electoral votes, or try and disrupt it on January the 6th, will embarrass themselves in history."

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