Charlie Kirk's pro-Oz text messages targeting Fetterman flopped: report
Charlie Kirk - CNN screenshot

Several unusual text messages were received by Pennsylvania voters in the days before the election that came from a PAC affiliated with Charlie Kirk's group Turning Point USA.

The Republican takeover of the House and Senate seemed more certain among GOP pollsters. "But a handful of far-right foot soldiers in Arizona weren’t taking any chances," said the Daily Beast in a Sunday report.

According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, Kirk's PAC was paying big for "a barrage of last-minute text messages." Despite the group being in Arizona, they weren't for Blake Masters or Kari Lake, but for Mehmet Oz. The text messages attached a photo of Kirk and Oz.

It then asked voters to support Oz with a quote attributed to Kirk falsely claiming that, under Fetterman’s leadership in the lieutenant governor's office, “a dangerous Trans agenda is being forced on our children.”

"Suffice it to say, the texts—attributed to Trump acolyte and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk—flopped. Fetterman triumphed, overcoming a stroke and a rough debate performance to easily knock off the quacky TV doc whose connection to the Keystone State was always a bit murky," said the report.

The report called the investment an example of Arizona getting involved in national politics.

“Charlie Kirk was working overtime with annoying texts for Oz,” said Pennsylvania's Pat Hayburn, a Havertown voter who got the texts, despite being a moderate.

The company that was paid to send out the texts is operated by Arizona Republican Rep. Jake Hoffman, who owns 1Ten LLC. He made $2 million in donations to help promote Kari Lake.

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