Bush strategist reveals the only way GOP can 'get out of this corrupt, incompetent place' Trump put them in
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (screengrab)

CNN's Jim Acosta broke down the latest bizarre Trump conspiracy theories as the former president prepares to take the stage for a speech before the North Carolina Republican Party.

"In just a few hours, President Trump — former President Donald Trump, we should say — is set to take center stage at a GOP state convention. He will be physically in the state of North Carolina but mentally, in a state of denial, increasingly obsessed with his own 2020 election loss. A well-placed source tells me he has been asking if he could somehow be reinstated in the White House this year," Acosta reported. "Allies are trying to bring him back to reality, hoping he'll move the ball forward as Republicans approach the 2022 midterm elections. Good luck to them as they are dealing with a man who incited an insurrection over his bruised ego."

"And today, we are getting even more information about just how far Trump and his cronies were willing to push the 'Big Lie.' The New York Times is reporting that during Trump's final weeks in office. Get this, his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, repeatedly pushed the Justice Department to investigate unfounded conspiracy theories about the election, including the theory that people in Italy had used military technology in satellites to remotely tamper with voting machines here, in the U.S. and switch votes for Trump to votes for Joe Biden. that just seems as far-fetched as anything could possibly be," he said.

"I mean, this is just bizarre, outlandish stuff," he noted. "But it fits right in with this -- all these other cockamamie ideas that were advanced after Trump lost the election."

For analysis, Acosta interviewed former Bush/Cheney strategist Matthew Dowd.

"Well, it doesn't surprise me," Dowd said. "I think, every day, Jim, as you know, and as you have learned, every day, we learn more and more that the Republicans will go to any lengths — and the Trump administration would go to any lengths — to sort of circumvent our democracy in this country. They will do anything. It's an ends-justifies-the-means party, that's who they are. They'll continue to do it."

"Will they be held accountable?" he asked. "Because in the end, it's only going to get worse if we don't hold them accountable."

"They have to suffer devastating losses to get out of this corrupt, incompetent place they are in. And it's the only way they'll change. They're not going to change because of what you say or I say. They are going to change when they suffer devastating losses," Dowd said.

"That's right, but we still have to keep calling it out. I mean, you know, there's just no question about it," Acosta replied.

"Oh, absolutely," Dowd said.


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