Registered Republican pleads guilty after being caught voting in two states

A registered Republican who voted in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the 2016 general election pleaded guilty this Friday to voting in more than one state. He was given a 90-day suspended sentence and ordered to pay a $4,000 fine, plus a $960 penalty, according to the Boston Globe.

The 2016 voter checklist shows Todd Krysiak, 39, was registered as a Republican in Alton. His attorney, David Bodanza, said that his client voted in Alton, where he lives, and later in the day visited his mother in Massachusetts. When she told him his name was on a list of registered voters in her town, where he had previously lived, he figured it was okay to vote there as well.

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“He went down to vote, thinking that he could,” he said.

"Bodanza called the plea a fair resolution, but said the case raised unanswered questions about whether Krysiak acted knowingly in regards to each element of the crime. He said his client did not intend to vote in Massachusetts when he voted in New Hampshire, he said," the Boston Globe reports.

"Mr. Krysiak was sentenced to 90 days at the House of Corrections, all suspended for two years on the condition of his good behavior," the New Hampshire Department of Justice said in a news release. "As a consequence of Mr. Krysiak's election law conviction and pursuant to Part I, Article 11 of the New Hampshire Constitution, his right to vote in New Hampshire is terminated."