'Baloney!' Republican voter rages at his GOP lawmaker for comparing Capitol rioters to tourists

On Wednesday, CNN reporter Gary Tuchman visited the district of Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA), a heavily conservative area comprising most of northeast Georgia, and asked constituents how they felt about Clyde's characterization of the January 6 Capitol rioters as no different from "normal tourists." And while many of his constituents weren't overly concerned, one appeared outraged.

"Congressman Clyde said it was a tourist visit," said Tuchman. "Do you agree with that?"

"That's horsesh*t," said the man. "Baloney. That's not true."

"You disagree with the congressman?" asked Tuchman.


"And you voted for him?" asked Tuchman.

"Yeah," said the man. "Unfortunately."

Watch below:

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