'Racist Republicans are trying to ban Martin Luther King from our schools': MSNBC host
Dr. Martin Luther King giving his "I Have a Dream" speech during the March on Washington in Washington, D.C., on 28 August 1963 (Wikimedia Commons)

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan attacked Republicans for being such snowflakes that they can't handle learning about civil rights. This is at the heart of the GOP's battle against so-called "critical race theory."

Taking to Twitter Sunday, Hasan asked why Democrats aren't fighting back against the Republican Party's resistance to teaching accurate history around slavery or civil rights because it can make white people sad.

"This is not a difficult message for Democrats to put out there. If they had the message discipline and ruthlessness of their Republican counterparts, that is," tweeted Hasan.

Democrats have attempted to fight back against the flood of angry parents at school board meetings by explaining that CRT isn't taught in schools below a law-school level and certainly not taught in Kindergarten. Conservative media has fought back against this message by claiming that teaching that slavery was racist is offensive and a threat to them.

"Shouldn't every Republican in Congress be chased down a hallway by a reporter on Monday morning to get their answer to only one crucial question: 'Do you agree with your colleagues in Texas that Dr. Martin Luther King and his speech should be banned from our schools? Yes or no?'" Hasan suggested.

See Hasan's tweet below: