'America will fall' unless GOP voters adopt new litmus test of defunding 'gov ed': Newsmax host

Newsmax personality Chris Salcedo launched an angry tirade against public education on Friday, following a week of Republicans focusing on conspiracy theories about Critical Race Theory during Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearing.

The Newsmax host urged voters to adopt a new litmus test and only back candidates who support defunding public schools.

He started his tirade by backing a boycott of Disney for allegedly being "woke."

"Joe Biden has made sure you have less money in your pocket. Why would you waste what money you have left on Disney's trash?" he asked.

"When it comes to gov ed though, it's a different story. Republicans and Democrats force all of you to fund gov ed against your will. Both the Republican Party and the Democrat (sic) Party — they refuse to give you and your family school choice," he shouted. "And in so doing, the political parties in America ensure, that unless you have means, your children will be subjected to the full avalanche of perversion that gov ed can pile onto your children."

"Remember, gov ed is dominated by Democrats whose policies support a sick, perverted, and twisted agenda," he alleged.

"Unless they support school choice, no politician in America is worth voting for. It's time we drew the line, this far, no further," he said. "Or else, we'll see nothing but Joe Bidens running our nation into the ground from here on out — and America will fall."