Former Republican Party chairman attacks GOP member for 'doing his toenails' during the impeachment
Michael Steele (MSNBC)

Former Republican Party chairman Michael Steele attacked GOP members who were ignoring the impeachment trial after swearing an oath to "do impartial justice."

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) was called out by several people for putting his feet up on the desk and ignoring the trial. During the first day of the trial, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ignored the violent 13-minute video, reading the newspaper during the proceeding.

"There was no Republican condemnation of the violence, and I wonder what you think is ushered in by all of this acquiescence to what really is a new normal for our country -- this political violence," asked MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace.

"Well, it is a new normal and the capstone of that is -- Josh Hawley giving the fist up, 'Yeah, baby, let's do this!'" said Steele referring to the photo taken of Hawley during the attack.

Hawley, "by the way, is sitting up in the gallery with his feet up on the chair, probably doing his toenails," Steele continued. "The reality is they don't care they're disconnected from it all. They're not concerned that Officer [Brian] Sicknick was killed. Where was the expression of that? Because all of that played out as a result of all of the violence that led up to it."

He explained that it struck him is the video of the Million MAGA March rally that they were chanting "destroy the GOP."

"And I'm thinking, hey, Sen. Josh Hawley, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Ron Johnson, how do you like that?" he asked. "Are you down with destroying the GOP? Because that's what your president wants to have happen, because he never gave a damn about your party, and never game a damn about you as a United States senator with a Republican label behind your name. What he cared about is how he used you suckers for his own end."

See the video below:

Republicans are fine with destroying the gop