George Conway: GOP stays silent because they’re scared
Kevin McCarthy (Photo by Brendan Smialowski for AFP)

Conservative attorney George Conway argued on CNN on Wednesday that prominent GOP politicians are staying silent about the attack on Paul Pelosi because they also fear the risk of violence from Donald Trump's MAGA base.

Conway was interviewed on CNN by Wolf Blitzer after the network reported that the San Francisco Police Department was sharing body cam footage with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her family that captured the attack.

"George, we learned from the district attorney the 82-year-old Mr. Pelosi lay quote unresponsive in a pool of his own blood," Blitzer said. "How horrific is it that any family should face that kind of violence all for a family member serving in public office, the speaker of the House?"

"It's absolutely appalling and it's very, very dangerous to our democracy," Conway replied. "We can't have situations where people are trying to serve the public and have to worry about their safety. It's compounding the problem we have in the Republican Party."

"A lot of Republicans are afraid of speaking out because of the violence, I think that's an under-reported aspect of the story," Conway explained.

"That's a good point," Blitzer replied.

Later in the segment, the host followed up on the topic.

"George, how bad do you think it has to get before a bunch of Republicans take this threat, this very real threat, seriously?" Blitzer asked.

"I think it's going to have to get a lot worse, unfortunately," Conway replied.

"Because they don't seem to take this threat seriously and they're actually — at least they are not showing the requisite amount of sympathy and empathy for their Democratic colleagues here," he explained. "I think part of the reason, as I said before, they themselves are afraid of the people who have been stirred up by demagoguing rhetoric on the right over the last few years in misinformation that has been percolating out there that causes people like this person, Depape or whatever his name is, to do the thing that he did, what caused Jan. 6, and what could cause future events."

"And I think they are afraid for their own safety, that's why they remain silent," Conway said. "They are actually at risk."

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