Republicans have erected an entire industry based on their inability to 'take the L': op-ed

Writing in The Washington Post this Monday, Phillip Bump contends that the modern day GOP has no concept of "taking the L."

" Trump earned an L but has refused to take it. Instead, he has stormed off, promising that we haven't heard the last of him," Bump writes.

According to Bump, Donald Trump and his most loyal followers' refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election is posing "real dangers for the American democratic system."

"Trump's refusal to acknowledge that he lost hinges on myriad assertions that something dubious or suspicious happened during the 2020 presidential contest," Bump writes. "The sheer volume of claims is itself often cited as evidence that something needs to be done about election security, a claim that's a bit like advocating legislation for mandated chimney locks given how many Americans (most of them under the age of 7) believe in Santa Claus."

While zero evidence of widespread voter exists to this day, an entire industry has emerged dedicated to perpetuating that false notion, namely other GOP candidates looking to cast doubt on elections they've lost. As Bump points out, when there's "no shortage of conspiracy theories about voting machines online, it can be easy for anyone to jump to incorrect assumptions."

Read the full op-ed over at The Washington Post.