Lifelong GOP loyalist explains why last week's 'mob rule disgrace' pushed him out of the party
Trump rioters in the U.S. Capitol.

Ed Morrissey, a lifelong Republican loyalist who stuck with the party throughout the Trump era, finally reached his breaking point last week.

Writing at Hot Air, Morrissey writes that the "mob rule disgrace" embraced by the GOP last week left him with no choice but to abandon the party he's supported for decades.

"What we saw on Wednesday were Republicans, including their House leadership, pandering to a mob by pretending that Congress had any authority at all over the certified results of elections in the states," he writes.

What makes it even worse, argues Morrissey, is that they broke their principles on behalf of President Donald Trump, who has shown he has absolutely no regard for the rules that make living in a constitutional republic possible.

"They did so on behalf of a president who appears incapable of relinquishing power in an orderly and lawful manner, as though power was his birthright and any election results to the contrary were ipso facto invalid," he writes. "Republicans in both chambers justified these actions not from any principle, but by explicitly citing the mobs of people that prefer to believe in conspiracy theories stoked by this president and his advisers."

Given all this, Morrissey concludes that he can no longer "choose to participate in such a nihilistic political party."

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