Americans reject GOP for fighting back against the stimulus bill: report
Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate (screengrab).

Americans overwhelmingly supported the COVID-19 stimulus bill that was passed in the Senate with no Republican support over the weekend. It's now headed to the House for a vote and then President Joe Biden's desk for his signature. A whopping 77 percent of Americans wanted the bill to pass according to a March 3 Morning Consult Poll.

The response to the GOP's opposition to the bill is rolling in as Americans reveal they don't view efforts from Republicans to negotiate the bill to have been done in good faith.

Pew Research found that 41 percent of Republicans supported the stimulus bill. But most surprisingly, the survey revealed that 57 percent of Americans view Biden as having done his part trying to work with Republicans for the legislation. Only 42 percent say GOP leaders made a good faith effort to work with the White House and 55 percent saying they didn't.

Not surprisingly, however, only 28 percent of Republicans view Biden as having made a good faith effort to negotiate and 68 percent think Republicans made good faith efforts to negotiate with Biden.

Women and people of color are more likely to approve of the stimulus legislation where white men were less likely to be supportive, though the numbers are still 60s for support among the demographic.

Lower-income families are more likely to be supportive of the stimulus legislation while wealthy Americans are less likely to support it, particularly among wealthy Republicans (81 percent). Lower-income Republicans think it was too little or about right (55 percent).

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