​'Give me a break': Ana Navarro nails Republicans for getting vaccinated ahead of others after downplaying COVID
Ana Navarro and Brooke Baldwin on CNN. (Screengrab)

Republicans who downplayed the COVID-19 pandemic but are now at the front of the line for coronavirus vaccinations were blasted on CNN on Monday.

"The list of frontline worker prioritized for a coronavirus vaccine includes lawmakers on Capitol Hill -- and among them, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)," CNN's Brooke Baldwin reported.

Baldwin noted that Rubio bragged about taking the vaccine on Twitter.

Baldwin noted that Rubio was "not exactly the model of science" and played a clip of Rubio speaking at a maskless rally for the runoff elections in Georgia that will determine control of the United States Senate.

Baldwin noted that Rubio had been blasted on Twitter by longtime GOP strategist and CNN commentator Ana Navarro.

Baldwin asked Navarro about senators being in the front of the line.

"I don't think it should include the senators, period," Navarro said. "The thing that gets stuck in my craw and other people's craw is people who been enabling Donald Trump downplaying the COVID virus, calling it a hoax, who have attended, spoken at, encouraged, promoted and participated in so many some of his reckless rallies where people have been packed like sardines and have spoken at these rallies knowing people are there maskless, who have attended super-spreader events at the White House like we've seen, you know, so many people get infected with COVID at them, and then -- and then -- after they've been selfish, after they've been reckless, after they've been servile to Donald Trump, then they get to jump the lines and go in front of people who are at nursing homes, go in front of people who are risking their lives for ten months to keep others safe, like medical workers?"

"They get to go in front of people who are on dialysis and who are on chemo? Give me a damn break. Give me a break. That is just so immoral," she argued.

"And compare that or contrast that to governor Larry Hogan of Maryland -- a Republican, mind you, a Republican -- who said, 'I am not going to be getting this vaccine until the medical workers and the elderly in my state do. That is leadership," she argued. "That is leadership and that's what I would hope for, particularly from a senator who is 50 years old and healthy."


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