Retired 4-star general: Mike Flynn has a mental health problem and has 'slipped into a different realm'

Speaking on MSNBC this Monday, retired four-star U.S. Army General Barry McCaffrey addressed recent comments from former national security adviser Mike Flynn, who seemingly suggested that citizens should form a coup to topple the U.S. government during a QAnon conference.

McCaffrey said Flynn's "dangerous rhetoric" is "harmful" to the country.

"This is putting the country at risk," McCaffrey said. "I have never heard anything like this, probably in the last hundred years. This kind of, just completely irresponsible, provocative language.

"I think Mike Flynn has a mental health problem, to be blunt," McCaffrey said. "He has slipped into a different realm.

"As a senior military officer, retired as he is, to be calling for a coup against our democratic country, and he's done this before, is extremely dangerous," he continued.

He added that the Department of Justice is going to be "hard-pressed not to consider" whether Flynn's comments were "criminal in nature."

Watch the video below: